Thoughts during Meditation this morning.

yum...an orange sounds good.
focus watch your breath...
i can't believe mcDreamy is going back to his wife.
its not your breath, but the breath.
but then again...he is a great guy - and what great guy wouldn't give his marriage another chance.
keep eyes closed but not squeezed shut...soft eyes...
i have laundry to do...i love that tide with febreeze!
FOCUS ASHLEY...why is this so hard for you.
Maybe if I were in an Ashram like Liz Gilbert from Eat Pray Love...
8 minutes...thats not a long time. Can't you keep your mouth and eyes shut for 8 minutes?!?
I need to buy my bus ticket to go see Amber...
You're doing it...Your'e doing it...keep it up.
Can I really teach at the SISiversary...will everyone like it?
Breathe. Calm. Peace. Serenity. For your sanity.
I bet McDreamy kisses really well.
I'll do better tomorrow.


12 people took the time to say:

Amber Nichole said...

i too believe that mcdreamy can kiss good.
i can't wait to see you.
we must talk.
so much a happenin.
xo me

jenjock1 said...

dude. you're class is going to ROCK.
i mean, DUH, you have the worlds best TA. :)
and I'm still stuck at the ashram. can't find the time to move along in that lovely little book.

staceyfike said...

SEE! just imagine that x 50...that's why i was tellin ya that i can't even imagine meditation.....

and your class will totally rock!

Iscrap said...

Hi Ashley, I didn't join that bandwagon... I don't think I could...just cause there's already too much to choose from. ahhh!

Just wanted to say hi, been reading your blog, and I didn't want it to seem like I was being a peeping Jane. :s

Christy said...

No worries my dear... your class is going to rock hardcore! There isn't a doubt in my mind. I wish I lived closer (or that I was rich, lol!) so I could go and take your class. Someday I'll get to meet you in person and if I'm lucky enough, take one of your classes and it will be GRAND!!!
P.S. I tagged you but no pressure. ;)

Breanne Crawford said...

"I bet McDreamy kisses really well." --- LOL. so, so true.

SmilynStef said...

This one made me laugh outloud ... it's so like my train of thoughts when I try to clear my head.

Amber Ulmer said...

i love ur thoughts.... the soothe me... thank you. my monkie moo.

Charin said...

Yay! I didn't know you had this blog, I love your scrappy goodness and I'm going to bookmark this blog now :)

jill said...

yeah, i can't meditate either. I'm sure your class will be amazing though. :)

Cris Pansiera said...

Loving to know that it isn`t only me who try really hard to not fly away with my thoughts...Luv your blog....And...I can`t believe either that Mcdreamy is going to come back to his wife.....AND YES...He should be a really good kisser.....AHA

kerry lynn said...

i love you.