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Life @ the moment.

Refereeing fights with the boys, always having to have Marley Jane in my sight, working out, watching DVR'd stuff, lots of reading, lots of laughs, actually MAKING what I watch on the Food Network, glasses of wine, recycling, finally starting to love myself, volunteering at Jude's school, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches using the cookie cutters, daydreaming of summer - the smell of a pool and sunscreen, wishing I was a better e-mailer, still amazed at the thoughtfulness of my husband, trying to get over my guilt about everything issues, taking a vitamin a day, being more in the moment, getting a new tattoo, fitting in old clothes, canvas bags only no more plastic ones, being grateful.

While on a thrift store excursion yesterday I got some kick a** stuff for the class I am teaching at the SISiversary in June. I am a sucker for anything ledger, graph, or office related. But I thought they would be the perfect additions to my class kit!

Eckhart Tolle...A New Earth
I so get it. I was ready for it. I needed it. I was open to it. I have learned so much, and I feel its only the beginning. I have been such a sponge for knowledge that I can adapt to my life. I want peace. I want simplicity. I want Zen. I want to be in the moment - because its all I have. Its all I'm guaranteed. Good minutes, make good hours, which make good days, which turns into a good life. I feel the same exact way about The Secret.

I don't want to be...I don't...but I am a sucker for Oprah Winfrey. I love that woman. She inspires me. I adore her....and she even made me buy the highlighters with the post it tabs.

My 7 yr old kid is now currently obsessed with the classics. He just finished Gulliver's Travels. He is currently reading White Fang. Up next, Swiss Family Robinson.

So I DVR my favorites from the Food Network. My Auntie Barefoot Contessa, My Grandma Paula Dean, and my husband's girlfriend Giada DeLaurentis. So its early morning - I am sipping some coffee and Sean is drinking an espresso that he constantly is telling me to try...I tell him espresso tastes like what I imagine an ashtray full of cigarette butts to taste like...The kids are still fast asleep...we watched this episode and we decided...let's go to the store and buy everything to make this whole episode. And we did. And it was fun and the food was delicious and it was good, quality time with my husband - we had such a great time. BUT CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY IN THE HELL SAFFRON IS SO EXPENSIVE? i mean really! $14.00 a bottle - and the bottle has like 11 strands in it? Hell to the no. So it was Chicken Scallopine - Saffron, Roasted Vegetable Salad, Ciabatta Bread w/Prosciutto and Sage infused butter (im so professional) and Espresso Mousse with Orange Marscapone. Yum. But no Saffron.

The Office is back - LOST needs to HURRY and Grey's Anatomy is seriously ripping my beating heart out and then putting it back...they operate on it...then they pull it out again. I just finished Season 2...where denny duquette dies (who is scrumptious) and Grey has to pick between McVet and McDreamy. I'm seriously going to Blockbuster in my pajamas and with coon eyes to get the next disc. MUST HAVE.

Dear Abby style questions at SIS. If you have a question you want to ask me...for some crazy reason Jeanette is letting me answer people's questions - and then letting them be published in the newsletter...so if you have a nice, safe, clean question...email me!

The end.

11 people took the time to say:

tanya_williams said...

Sage infused butter??
Whoa...look out!!
I'm very impressed:)

Anonymous said...

"pajamas and coon eyes" - funniest thing i've heard in a long time.


Holly Terra said...

I so Love the food network.
I want to come over and cook too.
Can I?
I'll be a quiet 3-rd wheel in the middle of your romantic time.

pakosta said...

do you know how VERY smart your son is to be reading those books at age 7 and understanding them??? that's awesome! i hope you have him tested for the gifted program!!!

michelle raMirez said...

I swear everytime I come to your blog it makes me want to call you.
can I?

Pound said...

damn right the office is back!
you can always buy new stuff, but you can't buy a new party.

Anonymous said...

Oprah can get you that way, I could write a book on what I learned from her show.

Anonymous said...

Love Oprah... hate the ideas New Earth is setting forth...

Eliminating Jesus and "not considering heaven..."

We didn't make it up... He is the only way-we are not the center of it all... He is. But there is a lot of joy to be had through Him. Really!

There is a better book...

I prefer the Life Applications NIV version.
Check it out. You might be surprised.

Cami said...

Talk about 7 degrees of separation... Since Paula Deen is my favorite Aunt and my husband's girlfriend is Giata too! And I'm sure we're both big fans of anonymous posters! ;)

Ashley Wren said...

if you wanted to discuss you would have left your name!
you know better than that!

elizabeth said...

oh you just named three of my fave chefs. throw in a lil michael ciarella and we're on.

now our hubbies may have to fight over giada though ;)