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Mourning: George Carlin I know he was rude, and crude...but all the more reason to love him. Sean and I had sooooooo many one liners that we still say from his standup. We have all of his books...i love observational comedy. He will be missed.

Drinking: Homemade Diet Sprite w/Blackberry (In a Sonic cup - w/a Sonic straw/ Sonic ice - made @ home)

Listening to: The Bridges

Reading: The Memory Keepers Daughter - I have the movie Tivo'd and I'm so tempted to just watch the damn movie. This has been a sloooooooooooooooow read for me.

Relieved about: The fact that my SISiversary class is over AND went well. I poured everything I had into that class...but I must admit that now that its over..I feel as free as a bird.

Missing: Tanya and my Tuesday morning coffee dates w/Courtney

Not Digging: The fact that my husband that not only bakes and cooks but does them amazingly well. Seriously! I go to the gym...sweat my arse off...and come home to him with an apron on cooking ribs, creamed corn, and carrot cake. I personally think its sabotage. Maybe he thinks I'll get to ashalicious for him. I dunno.

Thankful for: Barack Obama being the Democratic Party nominee

Planning: A Design School Class for SIS.

Reliving: SISiversary 2008 and wishing I had more time to talk to more people. It was amazing but a blur! An amazing blur.

Daydreaming about: Buying our first home.

Putting off: Marley's Immunizations...cuz I've read to much and it freaks me out.

Finally Accomplished:Making the boys chore charts. I have been putting it off because I wanted it just right...I wanted to implement it and it actually stick. Plus the fact that I made it all cute and crafty totally helps.

Scrapping with: Paperminx
My good friend Stephanie along with her good friend Aimee started a monthly kit club. I am proud to say that it was officially born on June 23rd @ 12:01am. I am stoked, honored, flattered, and humbled that they thought enough of me to ask me to rock their very first kit. Its funky and fresh...and its seriously going to be a big deal.
Go check it out if you think I'm lying. Go on. Go over there. NOW.

9 people took the time to say:

staceyfike said...

that book (mkd) had no point for me. i just kept waiting for something to happen.
but i finished it.
not even going to watch the movie.
emailing you back now.....


Aimee said...

ashley, you totally blew that kit outta the water. :) love your layouts so much. thanks again!

kim brimhall said...

oh i love the little tidbits...you are the BEST at that. the real stuff...not the fluff stuff:)

i hope you are having the best summer....that layout is my favorite!

i love u!

Amber Nichole said...

how many sleeps until u get here?

Denise said...

carrot cake is a vegetable...in my book ;)

pakosta said...

these layouts are just soooooo cute and so YOU! i love them!!! always!

amy lapi said...

hey ash,
the book is so much more enjoyable than the movie. the movie sucked. :) xo

Vicky said...

Immunisations are scary. We dont do it. I know its easier not to here in NZ but you should go with your heart, Bravo for not just doing it because people tell you to and bravo for actually researching what you might possibly be putting into your childs body!
Super fantastic pages...off to hunt down their kits!

Aimee said...

aw, totally yes. i agree completely. you crack me up as well. most definitely. i love to read your blog too