My to do list in 2008....

1. Be healthy. Mentally, Physically, Physiologically.
2. Write Every Single Day.
3. Not read garbage. Nor watch garbage. (sorry Dr. Phil)
4. Read Books. Lots and Lots of them. Join a book club...don't be shy!
5. Meditate.
6. Learn about influential women in history. (These are the women you want Marley to know all about.
7. Do yoga. Excercise. Run.
8. Share my talent the way that only I can.
9. Learn to love myself.
10. Learn my camera. Don't be scared of all those buttons and numbers and options.
11. Take a photo a day.
12. Keep a snippet a day.
13. Let people KNOW how i feel. Give lots of compliments.
14. Experiment with cooking.
15. This is my year to experience, to learn.
No excuses.
I want to fall in love with myself and my potential, and all that I have to offer this world.
written Dec 22, 2008

*so proud to say that I am doing extremely well with some, so-so with some, and only a couple I haven't mastered yet.


4 people took the time to say:

Jennifer said...

Such a good reminder ... we're half-way done with '08, perfect time to refocus!

amytangerine said...

loving your list lovely lady

Courtneybee said...

quite a list there lady! Good for you...keep up the great work!

Christy said...

Good for you! That is one amazing list... I'm so proud of you. ;)