Unpredictable Requests.

Do you need some inspiration?
Has your mojo officially left the planet?
Are you open to new subject matter?
Are you feeling random and spontaneous?
Even better - Are you feeling too safe and cozy?
Do you just want to have some fun?
Here's the deal.
Think scrapbooking challenges, photography subject inspiration, creative sparks, memorabilia scavenger hunt, nitty gritty subject/journaling matter, recycled scrappy items put to good use, and simple techniques that you can use over againall rolled into one class. Put into the method of your choosing.
Whether its scrapbook pages, a mini ablum, a big sketchbook, a journal, or a ring full of ATCcards...
10 days of unpredictable requests.
Are you game?

To all my friends and readers...its gonna be a good time.
A randomly miscellaneous crazy spontaneous time.
Say you'll join me.
go here.


11 people took the time to say:

MandieGirl said...

Hi! I am just wondering when this class begins/ends.

Thanks!!!! :)

MandieGirl said...


Christy said...

Uuum... me thinks my mojo officially left the planet like 6 months ago. Starting to think it's a loss cause, lol!

Sounds like a supah cool fun class girlie... off to check it out! ;)

sarahb said...

I am SO excited for your class Ash, it's gonna be SO great!!!

One cool chick said...

you've peeked my interest. i have had no scrappage ideas in my head for some time now...

i'm in!

Sasha said...

IMA be all up in dat!

kim brimhall said...

sad i missed it:)

ps-heard it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I MISSED IT!!! WHat did you do??????? kimrachelallen@sbcglobal.net

Christy said...

Uuum, where have you been? I see that you've made a few design changes--does that mean there's a new post coming soon? Oh, I hope so. ;)

Ryann said...

Love the new blog design. Can't wait for a new post.

Sandy said...

psyched-out. i came by on the OFF chance that you'd had done a little posting when i saw the new 'look' (which is fab, by the way). but no. oh well. i'll be back again sometime. (-: