Sunday was:
grocery shopping.
A new experiment.
The experiment was to cook five main dishes on Sunday to have food for the entire week.
Thus eliminating constant discussion about what to cook, going out to eat, washing a ton of dishes, spending the time cooking and going to the grocery store every couple of days.
Family Cranium with the kids - complete with Peanut M&M's, Rainbow Twizzlers & Pop Rocks.
Stack of brand new Martha Stewart magazines that a lady @ the recycling center gave me.
Family Cranium and Junk Food
Marley being so very ladylike with chewed up banana.
Sean's most favoritest cookbooks.
Thats all I remember - cuz I'm naughty and didn't jot things down like a good girl.

9 people took the time to say:

pakosta said...

MARLEY looks just like her brother! i mean wow!!!!!!! what a CUTIE!!!!!! get jotting things down! scary how we forget! i jotted just random things down thinking i would remember exact details later. NOPE!

erika said...

marley is one CUTE girlie. I want her, can I have her for a little bit?!? please?

Melonie said...

Lovin' your pics!

tanya_williams said...

Martha mags...SCORE!

MJ is b-e-a-u-tiful!

Miss youz guyz!

the pretty committee said...

love the photos especially the little blonde-haired cutie in the middle!

jessica nole said...

i love the idea of cooking only one day a week- i really need to try that. we ate take out twice last week! eek!
i need to walk the dog more often on recycle night- i might find good things on the curb- like martha mags!

Mandi said...

so you'll have to tell us how the whole food for the week thing goes. I wish I had a larger freezer. :(

jill said...

I can't believe how big marley is. She is adorable! Love that blonde hair.

jill said...

oh but what i meant to say is thank you for the comment on my blog. so true.