Chew On This

I love pop music.
At times I wish I were more like my girl Courtney who likes folky music, the kind you listen to while wearing a halo of daisies and dancing in field of flowers.
There is also my friend Samantha who likes deep meaningful music - with lyrics that mean something.
But as I get older, and more confident with myself - I am feeling bold enough to say - I like pop music. I do.
So kill me.
The music I listen to while working out is COMPLETELY different than what I listen to while running errands or on a road trip.
But what it all comes down to is - I like bubblegum pop.
So chew on this:
Its Beyonce's new song.
Love her.
And she definitely did not disappoint.
Read the lyrics and sing along...

If I Were A Boy by Beyonce


5 people took the time to say:

Breanne Crawford said...

okay. i loooove that song. the lyrics make me tear up because that's what pregnant people do. lol. and z100 is totally my local radio station on in my car.

Kara said...

okay. yeah. this is my new fav. song. heard it on the way back from play rehearsal.

and i was jazzing.

jazzing is a verb, ya'll.

tanya_williams said...

bubble gum pop
doesn't get any yummier

jessica nole said...

aw- there is absolutely nothing wrong with pop music. what would life be without a little pop?
or a-lot-a-pop?

will be checking out beyonce's new song. i'm sure i will be hearing it on the radio a gazillion times!

kim brimhall said...

LOVE it:) and im lovin that you are BAcK!!!!!