Hello Marley Jane.
Hello Trouble.
Hello My little ponies.
Hello pony tales.
Hello lip gloss.
Hello glitter.
Hello Littlest Pet Shop.
Hello Panties.
Hello Bendy Barrettes.
Hello Rain Boots.
Hello Jelly Sandals.
Hello melting my heart.
Hello painted toes and fingers.
Hello Three Dimples.
Hello Leg Warmers.
Hello Leggings.
Hello Yo Gabba Gabba.
Hello Pink.
Hello Princesses.
Hello Tutus.
Hello Bikinis.
Hello Bangle bracelets.
Hello Pink.
Hello Purple.
Hello Cardigans.
Hello Rainbows, Hearts, & Stars.
Hello Baby Dolls.
Hello Puppies.
Hello Little Girl.

14 people took the time to say:

MandieGirl said...

What a stinkin cute picture. Love it!

jenjock1 said...

where did you get her tutu?? sooooooooo cute. aren't little girls the best? of course, i don't have boys, so duh. :)

Courtneybee said...

that is a fabulous photo! One that she will love years down the road...

island girl said...

oh my...freakin' adorable...wasn't she just a little itty bitty baby last week?! sigh...

p.s. thanks for the heads up on the Meiko CD...she rocks!

erika said...

ooh dear.
that photo.
ok. I might need a girl.
this post was sugary sweet.

Sandy said...

omg...get outta town with the cuteness. awww..she's so sweet!! (-:

Jessica F said...

don't hate me... but guess who was at my work today??? Gwen Stefani! there with husband and two kids in tow.

I immediately thought of you ;)

Denise said...

not having girls..but being a girl myself, i love your post!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your tutu lovin little girl and those freakishly handsome men of yours. :)

pakosta said...

cannot believe that MJ is that OLD already! that's NUTS! time sure flies! i remember when you had her! she is TOO CUte for words!

kim brimhall said...

oh how i love to see your posts:)


just back from AR...so much fun there lol.

miss you...love you!

love the tutu!

Charin said...

Aww :) Little girls are the best, huh?

Linda said...

Cute pic and the list is great! That's the good stuff that you want to remember!

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