Good Deals & Date Night

Today...and Today only...one of my mostest favoritest singers MEIKO has her album on sale @ Amazon for only $1.99.

I already have it of course, but if you don't - you should definitely definitely check it out. She is almost like a female Jack Johnson...very chill and happy. You will love her for sure.

Go Here!!!


Tonight is date night with Court.
Two tickets to that movie you might have heard a small buzz about...Twilight.
(sarcasm applied very very thickly)
And I am so sneaking in Jr. Mints - I'll save $6 dollars thank you very much...and don't judge.

3 people took the time to say:

erika said...

dude. I eat jr. mints at movies too. :)
and I say save the $.
also I'm jealous you're going to see it....I was suppose to go w/ Jared, but now he's got a girlfriend, so they're going. hmm....something about me not getting to tag along. booo.
have fun, and let me know if it's any good. (before I force colin to go w/ me! HA) xxxxxxxxxxxxe

Vanessa said...

jealous!! have fun at the movies lady loves!

Karen said...

hope you had a great time at the movie....i went with my girlfriends from work and it was awesome!