Listening to Duffy.
Peppermint Mocha creamer in my coffee.
My face is driving me crazy - am I a teenager again?
Homesick for my mom(s), sister, mother in law...
The boys cut apart the toy catalog to create their Christmas lists...
(this year is quality not quantity...we will be grateful...and we will be donating 75% of their old toys)
I can't believe I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. I am so weak. Same thing happened with Grey's Anatomy.
Just had an AMAZING class @ SIStv Design School.
My students were the best, kindest, most creative. It was so beautiful and refreshing to know that all my hard work was appreciated and put to good use!
I am grateful.
On the last season of Six Feet Under...I never, ever, ever want it to end.
Dishwasher is going...laundry is tumbling...house is tidy...productive as a housewife so far today.
Should handwrite some letters and postcards.
Marley painted my nails with clear glittery polish.
Starting WW back today.
(Got sidetracked for a couple of weeks - and boy does my body feel different - No more Peanut M&M's in the mail Tanya!)
I walk Jude to the bus stop with a quilt wrapped around him.
Love the leaves crunching underneath my fake Uggz.
I am so inspired by Wendolonia...I have always liked making Jude's lunch a little more than normal probably...so this is super inspiring.
E-Bay here I come for all those fun little goodies to build a superfunky lunchbox.
Should probably go have some fruit and another cup of coffee.
(and maybe check on Bella & Edward)


5 people took the time to say:

MandieGirl said...

Of course you should check on Edward and Bella. They want you to. :)

*So maybe I exaggerate a bit....

Vanessa (danzer53) said...

sooooo....im on the last season of Six Feet too! remember i wanted it so badly but couldnt afford it....well my bff bought it for me for my birthday! and it has taken me only 2 weeks to get to the last season....seriously every minute i have i am watching it and i dont want it to end either. if you ever need someone to gab to about it (cos i do!) i will be more than happy to be your gal : )

sarah said...

six feet under might be one of my MOST FAVORITE series EVER. Have the kleexex handy for the last episode. It's AMAZING, but it's a cryfest. That's all I'm sayin.


kristy.lynn said...


and i was late to get on the twilight bandwagon.. and now i'm like superfreak! :)

tanya_williams said...

Peanuts are healthy and chocolate has healing powers (I think)...but I will try and restrain myself from sending them again:) I love it when I check your blog and you'ved BLOGGED. Makes me heart smile a wee bit.