Get Used to the Randomness.

I finished The Secret Life of Bees last weekend and have the movie arrived in my mailbox today via Blockbuster Online.

I started To Kill a Mockingbird - and I am truly enjoying it. Making Notes, and highlighting sentences that inspire me or make me feel something. Just like some people get inspired by a song or a color combination- that's how I am with words. The way words are put together and what I visualize when I read them is a happy thing of mine.
I threw Pride and Prejudice against the wall (BLASPHEMOUS I KNOW RIGHT?)at Chapter 8 because I just felt dumb even trying to understand it. But then I watched the movie The Jane Austen Book Club and promptly went out and purchased the Cliff's Notes to attempt to get through it. (That and the support of the Bookworms book club I'm in that let me know its not just me that finds it difficult.) I just want to SAY I've read it.

I've eaten way too many conversation hearts, and have decided to write in my blog when I feel like it. About whatever I feel like.

No more only posting when I feel I should or when I feel like its this nice pretty post with some sort of meaning. All these little bits have meaning right?? It might be rambling or a photo or a memory I don't want to forget.

I got those yellow tulips I spoke of in my last post, and am still learning that beast of a camera I also spoke of in the last post.

Sandler wants to take cooking classes and Jude wants to try guitar lessons.
I am feeling extremely creative in many, many different ways.

I love spin class , Pomegranate Orbit Gum and Yo Gabba Gabba.

I daydream of San Francisco, learning to sew, and having nice shoulders.

Marley has a cavity. That attacks my ego as a mother. *sigh*

I appreciate quiet early mornings while the children are snug in their beds snoring and I have a warm mug of coffee and United States of Tara DVRd.

17 people took the time to say:

kristy.lynn said...

why am i not surprised that we both enjoy united states of tara and coffee in the am.

i heart toni collette.

:) happy weekend...

sarahb said...

POmegranite Orbit Gum!!!! I NEED!!!
I think that is a great idea about highlighting words that you love in books, I think I will have to do that.
Btw, you have very nice shoulders, I don't know what your deal is...


pakosta said...

what the heck is UNITED STATES OF TARA? LOL! i have NO CLUE?! tell me>
i sent you an email did you get it?!
i need to try this gum! sounds YUMMY!
i enjoy your random posts! love them in fact!
you would be so proud of me! i joined a new gym and am sooooooo pumped! lost 11.5lbs now! woo HOO! you inspire me!

JessSrail said...

if you want amazing shoulders, try out Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred video. AMAZING!

Pound said...

we need to start our own finer things club.

staceyfike said...

1. i have a cavity too, that i had from birth b/c my mom had a fever while i was pre-born. it's not your fault.

2. i did the whole jane austen thing by book on cd and it made alot more sense. i am in love with jane austen and i've never read one written word.

3. my j will give your j guitar lessons for free if only we could meet half way once a week or so.....

4.ooohhh. and while they are playing guitar we can sew! it's a perfect plan! call me!

i love you.

Denise said...

Pride and prejudice is a permanent and dusty figure on my night stand and if I looked it probally has a make shift bookmark in it around chapter 3 so you beat me there. One of my children had an absess from a cavity I didn't know about. eek. I judge myself about that. But he's creative and funny and mostly kind so I must be doing something right.

I so enjoy your ramblings and your lists of lovely things.

amy lapi said...

hello doll. i read 'to kill a mockingbird' about a month ago and it was fantastic :) now i'm twilight obsessed. i have a little package idea in order for you... :)

amy lapi said...

ps where did you get that doormat?

Sasha said...

Yah we could definately kick it in the reading department and talk about them over coffee .. I LOVED Secret Life of Bees .. and To Kill A Mockingbird classic .. P&P .. hmph .. yah well I actually finished it LOL .. crazy aint it .. and I have some more you might like ..

Hope all is well with you A.Wren and you are doing good with your goals and just doing good period ..


Lu said...

i love your randomness...it is wonderfully refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Your randomness is really refreshing. It makes me feel less guilty about rambling endlessly on my own blog.

And I totally get it that you feel like there are certain books you SHOULD read just so you can say you read them. I had this grandiose plan to read the books from 1000 Books to Read Before You Die, only to find out a lot of them sorta suck!

Stephanie said...

Hey. You need to come see me. I like your shoes and your mat.


Stephanie said...

And the mustache. Very, very HOTT.

Martha Bonneau said...

Daria says "hi"

Anonymous said...

So what kind of camera did you get? My new one comes on Monday and I cant wait!

Christy said...

Love the new look!
Love the red shoes!
Love the heart doormat!
Seriously, LOVE!
Pomegranate Orbit gum sounds YUM!
And I have no idea what "United States of Tara" is but I'm intrigued. Must find out more.
Love your randomness. It just makes my heart happy.
Love you. xoxoxo