Gravy Smothered Rededication

I have a confession.

I lost my way.

I lost my focus.

My vision was blurred, and I took my eyes off my goals.

And well, I went on vacation.

I defied everything that I know to be good and right for my body. I ate my family's fried, gravy smothered food. We went out to eat nearly every single day. I know, I know, its vacation. but still I showed no restraint.

Its not the food that scares me. Its that old mindset. That mentality that I can relax. The truth is harsh. The reality is...I CAN NEVER RELAX. I will always have to make smart choices and exercise. Always. Even when I reach that glorious goal weight - its not over.

If you took my class - just know that I am starting with Day One...TODAY. I will do that class each and everyday - just like I asked you all to do. I have officially rededicated myself.

I wanted to have a quote to sum up how I feel about continuing this journey, and why I feel it crucial to blog my process and be accountable to someone/something. As I was typing this entry this morning, I got my quote of the week from Compendium . This email never, ever ceases to amaze me with its timing. It knows exactly what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. Wanna know what it said? I thought so...

The work of your heart, the work of taking time to listen, to help, is also your gift to the whole of the world.
-Jack Kornfield

So that leaves me to right now- I am extremely focused on my weight, and will be using my blog as a tool in helping me get there. I have always wanted to take a photo a day, so I have decided to document this rededication in photos. Just trying to make this process fun and creative. It might not always be pretty, it might be funny - but its going to be REAL. I wish I would have done this from the very beginning.

Today is a new playlist, the gym, a new people magazine, fresh cantalope, helping Jude with his Martin Luther King Jr. presentation, painting both mine and Marley's toenails, practicing letters with Bing, calling Sarah, and trying a smoothie with spinach added.


12 people took the time to say:

Courtney said...

Good luck! Will you be so kind and share your playlist? I'm hoping that maybe it will motivate me to go to the gym. Although that tactic didn't work when I bought new work out clothes and again when I bought new work out shoes...

leslie said...

so proud of you and your openess. you always inspire me to me true to myself, and I know this is true of you!

Jody said...

I'm so glad I stopped by here today. Great thoughts- even if they ARE hard and cold and in your/my face. =) Some of us are not given the gift of being able to get off "task" in certain areas of our life. I love that you at least know that you have a choice to make each day and you really do have a vision. You'll get there. Sometimes getting sidetracked is a good thing though. It motivates us and forces us to live intentionally/consciously. Love it. Live it. Have a great fresh start. xo

sarahb said...

spinach smoothies are awesome, I love carrot juice too!

Knoxville Senior Portraits said...

me too me too
but i didn't go on
vacay. can i re dedicate my life
with you :)
love you and CAN'T wait for tmrw.

pakosta said...

you go girl>!
that's the way to thinK>
it's never over is it?!
i am so excited since taking your class! i rarely miss a day at the gym and have lost 16lbs so far! 15-20 to go! thanks for motivating me!

island girl said...

wow..this post couldn't have come at a better time, since i was just having this same conversation with myself! i've been lax on my eating habits the last two weeks..and i was just thinking i need to get back on track...

AndreaWiebe said...

I'm going to join you Ash!

I miss you and I love you :D

(I don't think I'm ready to try the spinach smoothie though)

Jennifer said...

I confess...since class ended I've lost my way some as well!! I will be cheering for you and joining you at getting back to it!

Thinkie said...

good luck on getting back on that wagon! you'll make it, I'm sure!

MandieGirl said...

I don't think I can take drinking spinach, either, but I am still here, and trekking on, too. :)

Alyssa said...

You will love spinach smoothies! If you add less thank a cup of spinach, you shouldn't be able to taste it. I always like to add vanilla extract to my smoothies - yum!