5/10 minutes of Banana Yellow

One of my most cherished memories as a mommy will be the countless times I've painted MJV's little fingernail and toenails.
At least every other day.
All colors.
Even bright blue and banana yellow (to match her new "keenie" aka bathing "soup")
In restaraunts when she's acting out...pulling out a little bottle of polish works like a charm.
She sits so patiently so calmly.
Blows on them so sweetly when I'm finished.
She giggles with approval when I'm done, flashing her not one, not two, but three dimples.
Sometimes even her big brother does them for her.
Nicely polished toes goes well with new Snow White high heels.
She's so girlie.
Girlier than me.
Sweet and Sour.
Just like those sour patch commercials.
I cherish these 5/10 minutes with her.


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8 people took the time to say:

Jeans said...

how sweet ashley! :) we need to do panera again soon for sure (and this time with Courtney!), before I go back to Nashville for summer.

MandieGirl said...

I love this...it makes me really hope that I have a sweet little girlie one day to bond with over nail polish. How great!

leslie said...

little girls with nail polish
a subject near and dear to my heart :)

pakosta said...

love love love.
cute pics!

kim brimhall said...

holy design moly...i have not been online in foreverrrrr and this is an awesome surprise. serious. i love the page. i love that you are blogging. i just love.


Denise said...

I hear ya. I like it when my dd wants different. polish. on. every. toe. Then she walks on her heels for about 5 seconds, declares them "dry!" and tears off running.


*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey girl, how can I not have ever visited your blog lol & your my fave scrapperchick & homie. So how's my boys hair? lol I'm so wanting to paint the Diva's lil' fingers & piggies. Miss ya lots & Hugs

Denise said...

so sweet. I have a little notebook of words and phrases my guys used when they were little. Thank god cuz I would have forgot. a bikini was a makeeni. too cute!