Lunchbox Friday.

I have always loved packing Jude's lunch. And with Sandler starting Kindergarten this fall I want to keep up with all the creative possibilities there are for making a fun lunchbox. - I have collected a few ideas and with the exception of one, I have tried them all and they were indeed a hit. I would love if you shared yours with me. Just some extremely simple ideas that you can implement to make packing a lunch fun - and guaranteed to make your kid feel super special.

Because its all about making the routine and the mundane - fun right?

Pack their snacks inside a couple plastic Easter Eggs. Goldfish, gummies, and mini chocolate chip cookies fit PERFECTLY.

Pack their vitamin inside their lunch. *Right now we have Gummy Flintstone ones. Bing calls them Fruity Pebbles. Young Buck thinks one of the greatest cartoons was just a cereal!

Leave a note. Not just have a good day - but reminding them how hard they studied for a test and "Good Luck" on it. Or remind them about something cool that's coming up. "Don't forget Colby's birthday party is this weekend". or "Hugs not Drugs". (I'M KIDDING) I mean maybe if you still pack your 16 year old a lunchbox. :)

Leave stickers. I do this with Jude and he thinks its the coolest to be able to give all his buddies some Transformers or Bakugan stickers @ lunch.

Leave some cheesy (but cute) jokes from Kraft.com
(Simply print these out)
Jokes 1
Jokes 2
Jokes 3

Make Paperbags cool...(these are from Ohdeedoh)

Let them decorate themselves-like a handful at a time, so that they are prepared for the week- or turn off the cartoons in the morning of and let them draw the one they want for the day...

Decorate with stickers. (Be festive)

YOU bust out the crayons & markers and draw something festive, or cool for them.

Use these A-Freaking-Dorable labels from Martha Stewart Queen of Good Things...

*If I send Jude's lunch in a paperbag - he will recycle it along with his baggie at school in the appropriate bins. That way its enviromentally friendly. I only do this occasionally though. Just to be fun and add a bit of variety. And its perfect for when the kids have to go on field trips.

Snack bag ideas:
Reusable Snack Bags

A Whole cooler full of my version for Jude's 1st grade class last year.

Cookie Cutters of course are always fun.

I am constantly adding to my collection. Don't just stop at the sandwich, you can do fruit & veggies too. Melon, Apples, and cucumbers work best. These are the ones currently being used at the Wren's Nest.

A couple of additional ideas from Martha Stewart

Crunch Caterpillar (I have yet to try this one!! You could even add a little container of ranch)
This crunchy creature is an ideal treat even for children with an aversion to eating greens. Slice a cucumber crosswise into discs about 1/2 inch thick. String them, slightly apart, onto a flexible drinking straw. To complete, give your caterpillar a plump cherry-tomato "head."

Frozen Juice Box (Genius)
Make sure juice stays cold after a long morning in the classroom by keeping juices boxes in the freezer. Once frozen, simply pop one into your child's lunch box as he sets out for school and it will melt by lunchtime.

Share your creative lunchbox ideas with me!
Sharing is caring. :)

10 people took the time to say:

Stephanie said...

Um...can you come to my house and make me lunch??

Leeann M. Samples said...

You are so smart!! I'm gonna try some of these ideas on my little picky eater!!

Hope all is well!!

LA :)

Jamie said...

Dude I looove looking at Bento type lunches even though I don't have kids or anything! You gotta check out this site. This guy decorates lunch bags for his kids EVERY day. Could you imagine your boys freaking out over something like this? It's insane. http://lunchbagart.tumblr.com/ I wish I was that talented lol!

Pound said...

ethan doesn't eat his lunch. he likes to spend as little time eating and as much time playing as he can. =( but i just bought these TINY (like 1.75" square) glassine envies at paper source... to leave teeny notes in his lunch sometimes.

and what jamie said. we obsess over bento blogs.

jessica nole said...


seriously- if my kids saw this, they'd want to trade me in for a new model! lol

Christy said...

Seriously. You are THEE coolest mama like ever! I love the butterfly/pipe cleaner baggie idea. Too cute...and great use of plastic too. Love you!!! xoxo

Jessica F said...

I have no kids, and no lunches to pack, but LOVE this website:

Healthy ideas and great ways to package them up!

Charin said...

Cute cute!! :) I'm excited about packing bento lunches for my sweet babies...and they're only two years old and a week old! ;) So I have time to get lots of ideas. haha

sarah said...

my mom was always creative when it came to packing my lunch (a decorated lunch bag was quite common) but she also use to write me notes on my banana...she'd use a ballpoint pen. SO silly, but it always made me smile.


pakosta said...

well you have some awesome ideas already!!! LOVE THEM!

my girls like lunchables, but we don't get them only for special days. so i make my own. they love the taco ones. i put everything in separate containers for them to put together: flour tortilla, grilled chicken cut up into cubes, salsa, and some shredded cheese. tortilla chips on the side.

Kids like everything tiny, so i cut things up really small. like baby carrots, cut into matchstick strips, cucumbers cut tiny too...they eat more of it that way too.

if they like turkey & cheese, add some spinach leaves to the sandwich. my daughter LOVES that! it's a good dose of vitamins that they wouldn't normally put on a sandwich. you could also do mashed avocodo in a sandwich. i eat that all the time on my turkey sandwich YUM>
I really need to leave mine some notes more often. i always start out at the beginning of the year doing that and then forget! great ideas you have already! if i think of more i will let you know!