If you're not happy with what you have - How could you be happier with more?

Happy Mail is the best...

I received happy mail from a friend that I think the world of (Kelli Darr)...and it was the most amazing book - it is filled with extremely thought provoking questions. Such as:

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Do you doubt your doubts?

Are you the type of person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life?

These questions are definitely good discussion and journal entry starters. Kelli also sent me a link months ago for Compendium (the company that created the book)which sends you a really, really amazing quote each week. The words sent always seem to come at the most perfect time too. Consider signing up for it. Thank you Kelli- for being so constant and so thoughtful. It was a gift I will cherish for a long time.

I am going to start on my "homework" from The Photo Process. Which is collecting a group of images that inspire me, ones that I would like to eventually be able to take. Amazing photos that I don't have to have $123,549 dollars worth of equipment to take. Sarah recommended Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson to me - which I have ordered and should be arriving any day. I just cannot for the life of me grasp all the numbers and how they work together. It frustrates me. When Marley is painting her own toenails, or Bing is in his room wearing a cape playing with his superheroes...I don't have the time (or patience) to make the numbers all perfect. Maybe there in lies the problem (me). Courtney swears it will be second nature..but I just have to understand HOW it all works...so hopefully this book will help.

Daily Randomness includes:
No Doubt going on tour = cool. Really really hoping to score tickets to the Atlanta show. My husband thinks Giada DeLaurentis from the Food Network is smokin hot, I am going to begin teaching classes at my local scrapbook store (which is by far the best scrapbook store I have EVER been to) and I'm not just saying that,
a new prompt is up over @ TAIF, Sean got me a book light for Valentine's day which is like one of the most handy and thoughtful gifts that I've ever received, we got a new refrigerator yesterday (the old one died a very, very slow death), sean got a haircut, I wish I could remember to use the coupons that I have cut, placed in my purse, AND bought the item for. I wish I could remember to carry change with me so my kids can get a little treat from the gumball machine or Marley could ride the merry go round when we go get groceries, I used to love the Brady Bunch and The Flintstones. I dig that my kids love Tom & Jerry, I write symbols and key words on my hand so that I can remember things, and today I have to grocery shop. Let's hope I remember the coupons and the change, maybe I should write that on my hand.right.now.

*exhale* Did you read that as one big run on sentence? Because that's how I typed it.


14 people took the time to say:

jessica nole said...

i absolutely did read that as one big long run on sentence- in one breath!

i don't get the numbers. and courtney is right- i will come naturally. but what i am learning is that you have to practice often to make that happen. i have realized that if i go a day or two without picking up my camera, i lose it, that natural flow of knowing the right settings. lately my photos have been crapola, grainy, and it makes me frustrated. i know exactly what you mean. and especially with the timing. the kids won't freeze in the moment and that i totally get- setting the number is .2 seconds seems impossible.
i need to check in at the photo process. and get in gear.

kerry*lynne said...


i love your post title quote...!

just this morning, i wrote this one down for myself on a post-it...>

{if you spend all your time thinking about the things you don't have, you'll miss out on all things you do have}

thanks, for the inspo...<3

Sasha said...

I am still learning .. and that book is the bomb in which I am still reading for the second time..lol .. just take the time congrats on your new camera ... YOU my dear will be fabulous at the photog cuz it just comes naturally to you .. heck look at what you do have now .. you know


*kim* said...

Understanding Exposure is a great book and will break it down - the numbers I mean.

Glad I'm not the only one who cuts coupons to carry around until I come across them like a month after they expire. Dang it!

julie said...

love your blog ashley! good luck with those #'s!


p.s.going to check out that quote site now. thanks!

Pound said...

i have that bryan p. book. it's helpful but i'm not an instruction manual type person. my eyes glaze over every time i try to read it. i've had it for like 2 yrs and still don't understand it.

p.s. tom & jerry is awesome. we have many many dvds.

Angie said...

and... breathe. *gasp*

imma need to pick up that book.
and... i miss you.


Nevis said...

OMG, I love No Doubt!

MandieGirl said...

Love the randomness. And guess who has tickets to No Doubt? ;) A friend got them for me today-totally a surprise and unexpected. So sweet! Did you get to see meiko?

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