A Day In The Life. Saturay. 09192009

1. Sandler wondering what the big deal was about eating a fried chicken leg for breakfast?

2. Jude and Mar vegged out watching The Dennis the Menace movie.

3. A book ordered for Amazon to assist me in my new Book Club endeavor.

4. My reflection inthe fish bowl. And also our fish "Hydranoid" that has been a part of the family since early March. We are astounded and glad that he is still around.

5. Sean watching the UT & Florida game. (HUGE RIVALS) Also Sean is going for the "Alan" look. The hilarious guy from the movie The Hangover.

6. Toys of the kids that I was going to sell on Craig's List but for some reason it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and being sold as well. So sentimental. I will just have to save these for the grandkids.

7. I had a date night with My baby daddy :) and these are the cups that I set out with names for the babysitter, my kids, and Jude's friends.

8. My three in the car on the way to do a few errands.

9. Sandler trying to take a bite of Marley Jane's candy necklaces - got this shot literally SECONDS before the necklace snapped and the candy went all over Target's floor.

10. Sean listening to the Dr. Dre headphones (beats by dre.) in Best Buy...those things are so rad.
11. Sean @ Outback Steakhouse.

12. Borders after outback. Yes we are nerds. We love stacks of magazines and browsing expensive cookbooks for recipe ideas and sipping coffee @ 10 @ night.


3 people took the time to say:

mandiegirl said...

Gabe and I are nerds as well. Although, we just discovered yesterday that Barnes and Noble is offering free wifi, so we may uproot our 'usual' nerd spot and hang at b&n for a while. ;)

tara pp said...

funny then michael & I are nerds too because our idea of a date is dinner, then to barnes & noble for a coffee, magazines & books~!

kanishk said...

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