A Week in the Life. Friday. Day 5. 09182009

From Left to Right/Top to Bottom

  1. (2) Sleepie-Heads
  2. Golden Grahams
  3. Lunches Bento Style w/ a few candy corn
  4. Marley's Bagel w/Strawberry cream cheese
  5. Marley eating said bagel w/Strawberry cream cheese.
  6. Hot Coffee with the Remote. (Project Runway!!!)
  7. Laundry
  8. A wall in our house
  9. MORE laundry.
  10. Making up Bing & Marley's bed
  11. Candy Necklace for Mar
  12. Dirty Dishes
  13. Nail Polish Selection
  14. Nail Polishes up close
  15. The final result (She went with a strawberry pink and green "tinkerbell" glitter
  16. The library book bag
  17. CANDYCORN! Yay.
  18. The sign on the downstairs bathroom. (just in case we forget)
  19. Sean's toothbrush and my toothbrush all comfy cozy hanging out in the shower together.
  20. Best bodywash ever. (Bath & Body Work's Siesta Key Lemon)
  21. My reflection in the foggy mirror where I so cleverly wrote the WRONG date.
  22. Wet curly hair and an Amy Tan tee.
  23. Mail Love from one of my most favorite people. (Nora Griffin)
  24. My sun-visor and way too many Sonic Happy Hour stickers. (there are some when you pull it down too.
  25. TIME magazine while waiting on Sandler.
  26. Sandler's homework and behavior folder.
  27. Grocery Shopping
  28. Marley-Jane drawing smilies on the foggy glass door. (hmmmm I wonder where she gets that? See #21)
  29. Major Points scored for me when I found Pokemon macaroni and cheese.
  30. A picture book that Marley and I read about 546716576441 times a day.

4 people took the time to say:

erinrwillis said...

I'm loving seeing your progress on this project! I'd like to do something like this - I suppose I should get off my bee-hind and do it one day, huh?

tara said...

LOVE all the pix!
I have slacked!

Tiffany said...

It's been fun "following" you! ;) Good breakfast choice by Marley...We eat A LOT of bagels with strawberry cream cheese around here. Had them this morning actually with fresh strawberries on top!

kanishk said...

, so we may uproot our 'usual' nerd spot and hang at b&n for a while. ;)
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