Pajama Day/Dr. Seuss day at school.
New books from Scholastic.
Zeitgest documentary on YouTube
Mary had a little "lamp".
Zumba with Andrea.
Fresh Strawberries and Toast
Oprah on DVR
Jeep had an oilchange and new wiper blades

14 people took the time to say:

mandiegirl said...

Oh my! I've missed you! ;) Are you back in the blogworld?

pakosta said...

I have missed you sooooooo MUCH!
OKay, I love all these photos and your photos just keep getting better & better!!!!!!!!! LOVE that you are playing along!!!

amber & rob said...

ditto what everyone else has said. i miss ashley posts. :o)
did you mean 3/2, not 2/2...are you a month behind my friend?

Anonymous said...

oops. i was signed in under my look here account. that was your buttercuppers... :o)

Ashley Wren said...

thanks buttercuppers.
it was the wrong day.
hi mandie!
hi t!

island jen said...

yay! i've missed your posts... i actually thought of you the other day when i was at target because they had a pink flamingo shower curtain.

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kerry*lynne said...

miss you...

amy lapi said...

i miss you.