A Week In the Life. Monday. 11.29.2010

Case of the Mondays, woke up at the time the bus pulls up in front of the house.
Drove the boys to school, sang Black Eyed Peas at the top of our lungs.
(Jude changed the words up to include the gigantic inflatable Frosty on top of Wendy's.)
Mar whistles, and sings at random.
Economics paper looming over my head thats due tomorrow.
Dental appointments were scheduled that are way overdue.
Tickets for WWE bought. (Sandler Christmas)
Spent $6 at the post office to mail my sister a $1.50 bottle of maraschino cherries.
Library. (Return Charlie & Lola DVD and check out books on Famous Explorers for Jude's Explorer mobile)
Zumba class. (First time back in a couple of weeks - needless to say my body was extremely jiggly)
Finished decorated the tree.
Stayed up until 1230 am working on Economics paper.

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4 people took the time to say:

pakosta said...

YAY ashley!
these are SUPER CUTE!!!!
not sure any of mine are half as cute! just loaded them NOW!
I need to go through and pick a few out of the over 200 I took!!!!!!!!!
so happy we are doing this!
good luck getting some today!
love your post!
and YOU!

Heather said...

hi ashley!

kristy.lynn said...

i thought it was a mistake when it saw you blogged... :) yay!! it's been far to long! now to get you to post scrappy stuff! :)

erika said...

i've missed you.