A Week In the Life. Tuesday. 11.30.2010

Sandler hates all jeans except his one pair of skinny jeans.

Its a battle every morning if those suckers aren't clean.
Sound off on alarm, but woke up precisely on time.
That stupid Economics paper will go on to rule my entire day.
Mar got extremely emotional while watching Ramona & Beezus.
We painted our nails,
We listened to Ingrid Michaelson, (inspired by Ramona & Beezus movie),
We played "pony match",
Mar requested Ramen noodles.

If it appears that my day is quite boring, or uneventful - make no mistake about it, its because it WAS.

This was a lame and lazy Tuesday.

The weather was the kind that didn't tempt you for a second to come out in,
Only had enough coffee for one cup,
I was dedicated to my Economics paper that was due.
I snuck in time to spend with Marley-Jane and she was amazingly patient and understanding
of my neglect to her.
She snuggled with Reese and talked to her through gritted teeth.
I owe that little girl big time.

The haze of laziness didn't disappear even when the boys got home - indoors all day at school they were sluggish and tired too.

The house normally being loud and bright was quiet and dim so they maintained the mood and laid low. Jude did homework, Bing fell asleep watching a recorded (and already watched by him) Arkansas Razorbacks game.

The Post Office is hell this time of year, so Sean is working hard and late for the next couple of months. He hates the way his hands feel, his body aches, and he said he could never do that his whole life.

He brought home O'Charleys Loaded Baked Potato Soup and rolls - which was perfection to his wife that was brain dead from typing and staring at a computer screen all day.

Jude and I started the Harry Potter series (I have read 1-4) but I am super stoked to start this little fictional journey with him. We both love to read, and this is our time together. I love sharing the same story with him. *Fun fact* I purchased the first book while living in England. If you'll notice - there the first book is titled "Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHERS Stone".

Here's hoping that today will be a bit more brighter, cheerier, and eventful.
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2 people took the time to say:

kristy.lynn said...

yea! yea! yea!

i will be in your shoes in a few short months.. baby waiting while mama works on homework.. i don't look forward to it.. :(

miss marley is adorable as always, and i TOTALLY relate with the fight over one pair of jeans, ours is usually over a shirt!

and did i mention i how happy i am that you are blogging? :)

pakosta said...

love love love these photos ashley! so happy you are documenting with me!!
I HOPE YOU keep blogging after this is over too! missed YOU!
I am loading mine up in about an hour!