Brad & Jen go make yourself a dang quesa-dilluh

It was a pretty chill day for me today. Got up and cleaned up a little bit...Sean made the boys pancakes. I snuck a couple of triangles in while Jude was in my lap playing a couple of games on nickjr.com. Bing ate a whole pancake and almost a whole egg! Little Porker.

Jude got dressed. He put on his glasses, (these little Hot Wheels sunglasses he got a couple of summers ago) and when he puts them on its like he transforms into another person. He gets all serious and tough. He said "Momma who do you think I am? I am your son. So don't be talking all rude to me. OK?" What a charachter. So he got dressed and went to his buddy Caleb's. Caleb's backyard and our backyard are connected and divided by a fence. Caleb and Jude definitely have a love/hate relationship.

Worked out. Today was weights day. Did weights (I HATE FREAKING LUNGES) then we did abs...and then we ran on the treadmill. GO ME! While we were working out the mailman dropped a twopeasinabucket goodie box off for me! I wasn't even hoping it would come today. Why is that? Why when you want so badly for something to hurry up and come (i.e, income taxes, scrap goodies) in never comes when its supposed to. But when you forget or don't think about it...there it is! (Murphy's Law) Anyway I used half of my 2Peas Christmas gift certificate on some Chatterbox goodies, and got an 8"8 SEI album for my All About Me layouts.

Sean and I had to go to a few stores to get last minute Easter Basket goodies. So we decided that it would be nice to have a little alone time so we took Bing to his Aunt Mary who had been dying to babysit. Had a yummy blackened chicken salad for lunch and Sean had quesadillas.


Sorry I couldn't help but type that. Got the boys some Easter goodies. Got Bing a big ole huge Chocolate Easter Bunny. Will definitely post some pics of that. Picked up the new Creating Keepsakes magazine. (not that impressed) I refuse to get a blowdryer out to make some creative paper. One of my weird quirks is that when I get a brand new fresh magazine, and I'm all dying to look at it, I look at every page really fast because the excitement kills me. And then I go back and read the articles. I can't wait and read all the text before I see the next page.

Got Jude some Fiesta Potatoes (cheese only) to bring him when I picked him up from Caleb's. Must have been my lucky day because they even threw in free Cinnamon Twists for taking so long.

To scrap or not to scrap tonight, that is the question.

what happened to brad and jen? Anyone know?

the things that race through my mind...

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Anonymous said...

Just like me! I do the exact same thing with my CK mag.

And I've really got to watch that movie again. I want to be a verbatim-movie quote junkie like you!