Immunizations & Blossoms

Today was the first day that since my children have been out of the womb that I have gone with them to get their shots. I have always made my mom do it...or Sean. I wanted them to be the bad guy. Not Mommy. But i went...i went becaue I promised Jude that I would be there for him. He had to get 3 shots. All in his little gingerbread leg. Same with Sandler Bing...to hear my boys cry in pain is not ok for me. I shed tears along with them. I literally felt what they felt, I sware I did.

But three stickers from the nurse, a monster truck, and a football from Wal-Mart made all the pain go away.

Sean had to be awake at 430 am so that he could leave by 530 am. I was up to see him off and I made the mistake of laying back down in bed...because I didn't need to get up and work out until 630. I fell asleep watching the Spice Girls movie (I sware I have NEVER seen it) and woke up watching Lean on Me (have never seen it, but it looks amazing).

Ooooh Me soo Hungry..Oooh Me sooo Hungry...Momma is making soup. Homemade Veggie Soup.

I had to include this sweet sweet line from an email that my dear friend Amber sent me today. It literally gave me goosebumps. It makes you feel good to know that your friendship is treasured and appreciated. So amber...thanks for making me feel that way today. I feel the same EXACT way my friend.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the
charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

-Marcel Proust

(u make my soul blossom chick! I'm always happy to see an email from you. can't
wait to hear back. :o)
U r a gardener...

2 people took the time to say:

marygrace said...

Awww. Great quote! Very warm feelings now :)

Amber said...

Shots suck...for me and the weeman.
Spice girls???? WOW, and u think u know someone.
Veggie Soup....now that is what I am talking about. Can I come visit?
I feel famous...I lub u buttercuppers. L:P