My biopoem

Saw on my girl KeRRy's blog, this thing called a Biopoem. KeRRy did one and it was soooo cool. I just had to do it. Thanks Kerry for the inspiration and the friendship...

Funny, Talkative, In-Love
Daughter to Dell, Wife to Sean, and Momma to Jude and Bing
Lover of rainbows, Gwen Stefani, and thrift stores
Feels the pain of those she loves, is overwhelmed easily, and wants to feel beautiful
Who needs her little family, her momma, and diet coke
Fears freak accidents, big bodies of water, and can lids
Provides lots of kisses and lots of laughs,
Would like to see the world, her children grow old and gray,and her 75th wedding anniversary
Resident of the south

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11 people took the time to say:

KerryLynne said...

no way...! i LOVE this...! it is SOO much better than mine...wait, that mean that you're cooler than i am...:P look at your ADORABLE freckle-face...ASHLEY, i love you...!

Laney said...

Love that pic! This is such a cool idea! I'll have to do one!

Klala said...

Such a cute pic! I'm totally stealing this (as is the rest of our little blog community, I'm sure!) Thanks Kerry!

Missy said...

love it! And the pic is adorable- I'm totally "globbing on" to this too. It will be on tonight's to do list :)

cheryl said...

love it! :) you are just so cool. ;)

marygrace said...

Woah! Love the photo. The colors are really rich. Is it a digital?

Meghan said...

Uh you are so cute. I want this poem thingy...LOVE IT! I love your freckles...I love them!!!

Amber said...

u r beautiful. love your poem my friend. love that you are scared of can lids. :o)

Angi B said...

there was a buzz about this. i love the way you write and your photo is ADORABLE! you are so COOL chick... no doubt!

Julie said...

your poem rocks! and what a neat photo!

Ashley said...

OMG! you are too stinkin' cute. like, cute-meets-beautiful

wonderful poem.
I shall be a follower, just for today ;)
and write one of my own. :)