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Man i love this picture...its just so cute.

I also love that one of the man with a big ole' plate of pancakes in front of him...and they are stacked so high that they cover his face...I can't find it anywhere. If you know the name or the artist please tell me so i can get it...i want these two pictures for my kitchen. They make me smile.

I am going to be partaking in the art journal challenges...I cant believe I didnt' start it earlier. The art journal is sooo up my ally. I mean I have always kept journals, notes, little pieces of paper, fortunes from the cookies, ticket stubs, drawings, doodles.. and now they have a home. There are so many important things that I never ever want to forget. There are things that I feel so passionate about. Like real and raw things that i know for a fact won't ever make it to a scrapbook page because they are too painful, or too deep. I want my sons to know my thoughts, dreams, fears, and even silly stuff like how I liked my coffee...

I will only post them here {some will never ever be posted} but I feel the ones that I do feel like sharing should only be put here on this blog.

I am alive. I am well. I am taking trimspa. I am working out again after a month and a half three pound gain hiatus. Jude is back into dinosaurs and playing in the sandbox with his buddy Caleb. Bing has a little lispe and says "What's This"? but it comes out like WHATHS THISSSSSSSS its so cute...but whats not gonna be cute if he has it when he is older and he has to pronounce his full name....


now you trying saying that while talking like Cindy Brady....and what mean mo fo would put an "s" in lispe?

im sorry its the trimspa talking.


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Klala said...

S in lispe!! Too funny! I never even thought of that.

I'm very excited for you to do the AJ Challenge. I can recommend some awesome books to help you get started. I only post at Written Down b/c that's the only place people will "get" it. Either way it's for YOU not anyone else. Enjoy the journey!

Meghan said...

Oh HOORAY Miss Wren on for the art journal. I am happy in my heart because now we can be even more creative than ever! Don't worry, I used to have a lisp. I would say "Mith Cothtantho...My first grade teachers name was Miss Costanzo...Yeah I almost went to speech therapy but I grew out of it...Uh great.

Love your stuff baby.

Ashley said...

can't wait to see your art journal pages!! they will be fabulous.

I know it.

When Summer Lily couldn't pronounce her name she called herself Hizzy Hizzy. It was cute, then she grew out of it, although she still needs speach therapy.


Missy said...

yeah ash! so psyched to see what you come up with-already love your sb pages, can't wait to see what these look like. :)

Julie said...

Woo hoo on the art journal! It's liberating, I'll tell ya. I can't wait to see what you create!

You should hear Chandler say her name. It's been evolving over the last year, but she's finally gotten it somewhat close, it's more like Choonya. Arielle still pronounces it Chonner. LOL

Amber said...

love the photo..no idea who though.
love the fact you are starting this journal finally....
love that you are taking trimspa and using it as an excuse whenever you do something stupid or weird.
love that your kiddo is back into dinos and sandboxes.
love that your other kiddo has a lispe at this age...it'll go away. I promise the kids at school will not call him cindy.
Love you.

aNgi b said...

cool pic. dunno who? lOve your blahg. you always have something interesting to say. {ditto on what everyone else has said soooooo HAPPY that you'll be doing an AJ. can't wAit to see you sPill on iTs pages. and BTW, fUnky banneR,woman!)