CKU Rules


The following rules were created by my dear, cool, funny, hip friend Missy and myself. We have been talking about the possibility of our circle of friends meeting up for CKU in 2006...but before we do we want to make sure we are all on the same page. With a group of women things can get pretty catty and crazy. So we figured if we lay down a few ground rules and we weed out those people that can't comply...we will have an absolute "effing" {thanks Meggy} blast. If you get offended by any of these rules, thats a GOOD thing because you know you won't be coming with us.

List of CKU Rules:

1. No character shirts. (i.e, tweety bird, winnie the pooh)

2. Must be funny and not offended easily.

3. Cannot STALK pseudo-scrapping celebs. If we "happen upon" one-cool. But no giddy "I-Just-Met-A-ROCK-STAR" attitude. Or you will be wearing my puke.

4. Must be able to people watch and make fun of those with bad hair/clothes/etc. (not to their face of course. we're not EVIL)

5. Cannot have more than TWO rolie things...(those Scrap suitcases..i dont know the formal name.)

6. Cannot dress up in costumes. (I see pics from CKU's where grown ass women are wearing dorothy dresses and shit. PUH-LEASE!)

7. Must share your shit. If you have an American Craft PURPLE "E" and i need it, you must sacrifice. Don't be stingy.

8. Must be able to put pushy/bitchy scrappers in their place. We will not tolerate any bitchiness. Unless it's from us, of course.

9. Must be able to enjoy a good glass of wine or mixed drink...no goody-goody's allowed.

10. Oh! And must not have to attend every crop every night. We do deserve a partayyyyyy!

11. Must be able to scrap on your own. Meaning...What do you think about this? Should I do it like this or like this? Should are use polka dots or stripes? Does this look dumb? Which do you like better? Red or Magenta or Rasberry? {you didn't need me at home...you don't need me now....}

12. No country music in the vehicle...at the crop...at the hotel...NOWHERE.

13. Must be able to eat or snack on your own. You do not need someone to hold your hand if you're hungry. Just eat damn it! Let others decide if they want to join you or continue with whatever.

14. Conversation CANNOT revolve around children. Yes, they're cute. Yes, we love them. But we are adult women. And we have lives in addition to our children's.

15. No snobs. I don't want to hear about the country club, the escalade, or little Victoria's private school...and don't point it out to me in pictures either....

16. No tools (this is missy's word for dumbass). I mean, we have some level of coolness to maintain here.

17. Rules will be signed by all members {in our posse} and a copy must be kept with them at all times. Anyone in violation of a rule, will be quickly notified.

Keep in mind that this is an ever growing list...If you are in our "circle of friends" and I'm sure you already know if you are...and you have a rule that you need added please feel free to email me and I will present it to the board of regulation makers. {that would be me and missy...} and please have a sense of humor about the whole thing...sheesh.

18 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

Amen! and maybe we should have our rules on tiny little laminated cards. that way, if someone gets out of line, all we have to say is "read your rules, bitch!" And I mean "bitch" in the nicest possible way.

Amber said...

I'm so in....but can i wear my tweety shirt UNDER my i love heidi swapp shirt? PLEASE????? :O) hee he hee.

Julie said...

OH MAN, I SO want to come! I totally love puking on scrappy groupies who obsess over what shirt Heidi is wearing or what hairdo LB has this week. :p

KerryLynne said...

DANG...! (<--said in my awesome Kip voice) i guess i officially suck....~sniff, sob, pout~...i'm SOO not as cool as you guys...! i still wanna go, though...can i be the ONLY one who gets to break a few rules...:)

island girl said...

omg, that has to be the best list of rules i've ever read!! lmao!! can i steal them for my sdv trip in august!! and missy, love the laminated card idea!!

HelenThura said...

yeah, so agreeing with these - I want to go to a CKU with you lot. ROLF these rock!

Ashley said...



YOu are so freaking totally wonderful.


This -- every single one of these exceptionally brilliant rules -- is exactly what CKU needs.

Can you add a rule of general non-participation? Like no dancing on tables or stage and no singing along and shit like that?
And cheers. No cheers. I don't know, maybe it's the Canadian in me, but I rather dislike cheers.


Colleen said...

ok, i've never been to a scrapbook convention, and after seeing these rules and comments, i'm a little scared of what i might find at the Atlanta Expo in september. and i have a feeling one of the people i'm going with may act this way...maybe i'll just lose her in crowd...i'm definately taking my camera and snapping shots of these wierdos and making a page about it!!! sounds like it is going to be a people watcher's dream!!

Klala said...

Holy crap, someone who finally gets it!!! My scrap store lady always tells me to go, and I basically use your entire list as my reasons not to!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO SO SO SO excited that we are cool! We will have so much fun and be TOTAL NON SCRAPPERS!!! When are we going and how much is this gonna cost!!??

Meghan said...

I said it before and I will say it again...I want to wear a theme shirt that says something like "scrappin' skanks" and on another note I WILL NOT share my American Craft purple E!! ha ha ha ha hee hee hee!

Klala said...

No M, our shirts must say SCRAPBOOKING SUCKS!

Hahahaah, LMAO!

sweethc said...

Those had to be about some of the best rules I have ever read in LIFE...well, outside of the 10 Commandments and we all seem to be failing at those...

Anonymous said...

You are so not cool.

Ashley said...

Hmmm...you know whats really not cool is when someone types something ANONYMOUSLY....

i guess they just wouldn't fit in...thus making ME the uncool one.

Laney said...

Sounds like my kinda CKU! Love this post!!

Chris-el-da said...

i wanna go!!! this sounds like so much fun, and i'm a PRO at pickin' on people!!!


Kelly said...

OMG -- I am laughing my ass off over here!!! I wanna be part of you cool kids :)

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