I'm seriously shaking my head at this

ADHD adults struggle to focus

Tell me this isn't really what they titled this article.
how cruel.
of course they struggle to focus..
thats why they f*cking have ADHD!!
thats like having the "s" in lispe!!!

yeah yeah i know its my 3rd post today.
im bored.

5 people took the time to say:

Colleen said...

amen! coming from a fellow ADDer...

Amber said...

you amaze me. love the useless knowledge for today....thanks.

HelenThura said...

oh this is so true, right on matie.

KerryLynne said...

oh my heck...! i am soo LoL...:) i swear you are the sunshine of my life...i think i love you because you are almost just as funny as i am...:)

Meghan said...

LOL you are so funny. Why can't you live with me and make me laugh all day!??