Motivational Speakers & Burned out CD's


AMBER NICHOLE CLARK IS THE AMAZING CREATIVE GENIUS BEHIND MY NEW BANNER WHICH I HAVE FITFULLY TITLED "Flamingos in a polka dotted hail storm"....the girl is awesome. I said give me polkies and give me flamingos...five minutes later she was like "Done..." so no more of the generic city scene. Thank you Amby..

Does it make me a dork that I listened to Tony Robbins last night?

here is the deal...I have always heard of this guy, knew what he was about, knew that he was this big famous "motivational speaker". What i didn't get was what could HE possibly do for ME. What words could HE say that my husband couldn't say to make me feel better. It never crossed my mind one time to listen to him or any other motivational speaker for that matter.

until now.

Sean has been kind of in a slump lately. He feels like he needs to be doing more. Taking more things on. Finishing what he starts...ya know that kind of mood. The mood like you are just passing the days by without really having that sense of accomplishment. So he is on the computer last night downloading some Tony Robbin's sessions. I saw what he was downloading and jokingly said..."Awww babe. Is that what point we're at now"? So I go to my scrap corner...which is right next to the computer desk, and i start scrapping and sean starts playing the session he just downloaded on negativity.

I sware I had never heard wiser words. That guy truly freaking motivated me. {hence the name MOTIVATIONAL speaker :o)} He inspired me. He got my attention. He teaches you to completely refresh and cleanse all the unorganized and pessimistic ideas that are constantly flowing through our heads...ok DAMNIT...I have to stop here for fear of turning this into one of those blogs i don't want to have...i would have even have to change the name of my blog...{Sorry Amber...I know you were thinking I had almost crossed over into the land of writing shit that is important...but i caught myself} so i will just sum it up and say..i heard some things that i needed to hear, and will be listening some more.

Ok...so my my boyfriend is hosting the MTV Movie Awards tonight..you should definitely check it out. But what the f*ck i want to know is this: WHY DO THEY NOT ONLY FILM IT A WEEK AHEAD {that i understand because of editing and censorship} BUT WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THATS SACRED AND HOLY DO THEY PUT THE WINNERS AND LOSERS AND WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEWS THE NEXT DAY??!! IT DOESN'T AIR FOR ANOTHER 7 DAYS!!! i DON'T WANT TO READ A PLAY BY PLAY I WANT TO WATCH IT!!! Sheesh.

The Black Eyed Peas new CD Monkey Business - this CD COULD NOT be any better. I have been working out sweating my ass off to this CD. The beats are absolutely amazing, and they are such a positive and diverse group of people. However, I did make myself a promise...i would only listen to it once a day (if that). Why you ask? Because I could sing the Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B lyrics in my sleep. I could write them all down. I could sing them in the order that they appear on the CD without missing a word, and if I hear Hollaback girl one more time im gonna go B-A-N-A-N-A-S.....i ran that CD into the ground and now im regretting it.

so what did we learn today?
Amber made my amazing banner...
Tony Robbins isn't the moron i thought he was,
MTV sucks for releasing the Movie Awards information,
Black Eyed Peas are musical masterminds,
and Gwen Stefani has been forever burned into my brain.

thats it.
im done.

9 people took the time to say:

HelenThura said...

gosh what to say first - the new banner rocks! go Amber!
Isn't the black eyed peas album the best!! Love the one with Jack J.
Tony Robbins - not someone I am familiar with but he sounds like he could be great - off to check him out :)

Julie said...

love that banner! it rocks, so you!

Isn't Tony Robbins the dude from oh man, that movie with Gywneth Paltrow where she plaed a large girl, Shallow Hal, thats it. If it is, he's got huge hands and feet and Hal says "Wow, those are some meathooks you got there" LOL That line gets me every time.

Seriously, it's good to have motivation in life. I need to get some more, been lagging around here lately.

Missy said...

does this positive side mean I can't bitch to you about "tool boy"? Kidding! I'm all for optimism and positivity.

And thanks! you and meghan got me jonesin' for some BEP. :)

Amber said...

Genius NO. Lucky w/ trial and error YES. lol So glad you like it my dear. I will have to admit...it is so you! Very funky.
This Tony Robbins sounds quite interesting. It actually made Ashley get a little deep?!?!?! It is so funny that you typed that little comment to me in the middle of your post...I was so going to yell at you right here....but now i do not have to. you know me all too well....and yes....BURN ME BEP!!!

island girl said...

I listened to BEP all day yesterday!! I think I've burned a hole in the first CD!! I can not wait to get the new one!! It totally rocks!! And of course I did the one song that is entirely in tagalog!!

Ashley said...

LOVE your new banner! Awesome job Amber, and lucky girl you Ashley you. :)

I have no clue who that Tony guy is, but happy to hear you have been inspired and motivated. It is OK to post the Important things on occasion. :)


KerryLynne said...

ummm........i love you................seriously, you posted way too much information for me to remember what to comment on...:) oh yeah...Mmmm, bananas...!

Klala said...

New banner rules!! So cute.

Isin't it scary when you hear one of those tapes and realize it is actually beneficial...scary!

Meghan said...

Ok so the Tony Robbins thing..My Auntie works for him and swears by him..She's walked over coals and the is a speaker at his events. I have heard they are life changing, but I haven't listened to him.

I agree with you about Gwen (thanks for introducing us) and the Black Eyed Peas..

The banner is amazing!