Question for the Art Chicks

How do I approach my art journal without it being "scrapbookish"...?
I don't want it to be like that.
How did ya'll do it if you did?

I have so much to say.

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Missy said...

you can tell, I'm still struggling with that. I just try and do things I would be "afraid" to do in my books. But I can't get into the whole "collage/magazine ad" thing. I'm thinking I might push myself to try that next.

But it is an ongoing battle with me. I'm doing it to push myself out of my "safe scrapbooking" zone.

And I just look at it like every page is a chance to try again.

Amber said...

who cares how you do it...just do it. girl, i was struggling w/ this exact issue and this is why I did not join the actual class. I wanted it to be what I wanted. Just let it flow onto those journal pages. You will find your style. Who cares if it looks a little scrapbookish.....it is in all reality a type of scrapbook. I know it will be awesome no matter what direction u take it my dear.

Julie said...

what I do is just use paints to make my backgrounds mirror how i feel inside. I just go nuts. LOL Then i use fonts to help me convey a mood then hand journal around it.

i haven't gotten into using memorbilia on my pages yet like ticket stubs and pictures and stuff. i've just been busy journaling my thoughts out.

It's different, but thats what i like, it's just me. It's mine.

Have fun girlie! You'll do awesome no matter how you do yours.

Colleen said...

i agree with amber...who cares how it turns out. it is how you feel at the moment that makes a page. BUT, since you asked how to make it not that way...I suggest you experiment with watercolors. They are easy to work with and much more forgiving than acrylics. i'm actually trying to make mine look more scrapbookish than painty.

helenthura said...

I agree with who cares but I have am not using my scrapbook supplies other than ink pads, chalks and pens, I just didn't really want paper and stickers in it.

Klala said...

Ok, here's my take. I do agree w/ all the "who cares?" comments b/c it ultimately expression and that is good. HOWEVER, once I got some books on this subject, I realzed how off the mark I was. My first entries are terrible! I searched all these examples and came up w/ my own style. Nothing like my scrap style (and personally I prefer my AJ style) and very non-anal.

That is what my "Learn to Unearn" etry was all about. Ignore the scrap supplies. Use your fingers! Layer like a mofo! It is SOOOO liberating. If you want, I can send you pics of my transformation. I'm so glad I learned this new form. I imagine myself as Sabrina ward Harrison when I create these pages.

Meghan said...

Baby, Just go at that shit! It doesn't matter how you do it. If you want to get scrappy on it then do it....Yours will amaze my eyes and I can't wait to see it.

aNgi b said...

i'll send you some links of websites to help get your creative flow goin'. basically you can just throw it down like a scrapbook page but i like to distort everything (i.e. print the photo on textured papers like bazzill or even on a page torn out of an old book)

sweethc said...

Do your thang, girl. If you are asking for suggestions, I say whip out some paint and just get wild. Try to intentionally not be linear!