You pick the sides!!!

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I made this layout a few weeks ago when Sean was getting on my last nerve. I didn't post it because its a lift of MG's "Lemon" layout...I don't post {for praise or credit} scraplifts...but when I go to crops or get togethers I have to scraplift or i wouldn't get shit done...my little pea brain can't eat peanut M & M's, snicker at patterned paper that the girl behind me is using, drink diet coke, talk, sing along to the song thats on, and be creative all at the same time....just can't do it...but i want to leave with that feeling of accomplishment.

Sean drives me nuts sometimes. Its so amazing how the person that you love the most in this world, is the same one that sometimes you would rather chew glass than to talk to them...Sean is without a doubt my soulmate. I knew that from the second I met him. I DIDN'T SAY IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SITE. I said I knew he was my soulmate. An instant connection. We clicked. We gelled. We meshed. We bonded. Anam Cara my friends. But even when you have your soulmate, you have to work at it. You have to know when to give, and when you should take. PICK YOUR BATTLES> Sean and I fight over the most ridiculous things. I'll give you an example {as sent to Amby in an email}

Me: What vegetables or sides do you want babe?

Sean: Doesn't matter to me.

Me: Well just pick one.

Sean: I'm cooking the chicken...YOU pick the vegetables.

Me: Well how about Garlic Bread and Asparagus

Sean: We had asparagus last night.

Me: Well YOU pick it then!!! Don't tell me to pick it and then you don't want what I pick. YOU PICK IT!


Me:Just forget it then..no sides.

Sean: Fine.

Me: Fine

so if you ever wanted to know what in the world I fight about...there it is...but God i couldn't live without him.....i love that dude.

Hey Miss Angi B....I stopped the "Betcha didn't know or Wanna know" segment because, well, to be quite honest I think EVERYTHING i put in my blog falls into that category. {dying laughing}

i rock for posting on a saturday.


6 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

you just rock :) jon and I have the same kind of fights. too funny.

Klala said...

yeah, you do! Saturday points!

That post is so dead on...love in a nutshell.

Amber said...

yep, the veggie fight. loved this. i totally get what you are saying dear. loving the page, loving the photo...
you do rock for sat. postage....i was a busy girl this weekend, but love having new words from you to read.
I owe you an email....arg..stupid time. always gettin in my way.

island girl said...

so glad i'm not the only one who hates the one i love!! lol!! it's whack some of the stuff people 'fight' about!!

Ashley said...

great photo of you two. :) love that you scrapped this.


Meghan said...

Uh I am rolling around on the ground right now LAUGHING MY ASS OFF at that fight! SOund a lot like me and T! So rockin' of a post!