Calling all Effers...

We are not a gang. We are not a clique. We are not a posse. We aren't troublemakers. Actually that couldn't be further from the truth. We are positive, charasmatic, loving individuals We are women. (and a couple of dudes) All different kinds of women. Brought together by this thing called Scrapbooking, but not kept together by it. Brought together to be creative, supportive, and silly. So here goes:
The Effers:
A new group of girls in the scrapping community, currently searching for an unlimited amount of gals to join them in a creative movement. Anyone may apply, and all will be accepted...as long as you are always these things....

1. Real
2. Original
3. Fun
4. Weird
5. Loving
6. Accepting
7. Creative
8. Unafraid
9. Loyal
Please fill out the following questionnaire upon your agreement to these "terms"......
1. What does being an "effer" mean to you?
2. Why do you want to become an "effer"?
3. Do you like pigs? why?
4. Why do you scrapbook?
5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why?

After all the love, after all the emails, after all the praise....we have realized....we are not alone and should NOT be "exclusive".....we love you gals and hope you are excited to join us....thanks by the way....
Heck....if enough effers join....who knows what could happen.................... :o)

33 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

I'm making the rounds, sending this one to all you guys, since you all have this posted. LOL!!!

effer (F-ER)adj. A woman that pledges to always be fun, silly, non-judgemental, loyal, laid-back, accepting, and open-minded. A woman that embraces friendship, and all the joys that come along with it. Women that laugh; a lot. Women that create, and grow as artists through the sharing of ideas.

Pigs (pig) n. Filthy, disgusting creatures. But I sure do like me some bacon. Or are we talking about cops??

Scrapbook (scrap-book) n. Something I must do. For my sanity, for my family, to remember.

Jeans (jeans) n. 10 pairs, but man you should see my skirt collection.

Feet-See previous post.
Sistah Love Sauce- Oh yeah baby.
Theme song-No Rain, Blind Melon. I really like the bumblebee chick, among other things
Soup-Potato, with cheddar cheese and bacon and chives. Because I am in love with all things starchy, comforty-type food, and fattening. It's a curse. But wait. Is chili considered a soup?? Cause if it is, I gotta go with chili. lol!!


Anna said...

1. Being a fun free spirited woman not afraid to express how she feels.

2. to have great friendships from women who are loyal and give a shit about you. Women who are not fake, and will also appreciate your friendship.

3.Pig men NO! I love me some bacon!

4. I scrapbook because i love paper arts. Don't really give a shit if i'm ever effin published. Have never even submitted to a magazine.

5. Chicken lime soup. Brings me back to my childhood.

Colleen said...

Sniff…sniff. I’m effin tearing up over here with you guys. I’m gonna be like Jen and post this on all your blogs.

1. What does being an "effer" mean to me? An effer is a woman who is raw, man. She’s real. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, or stand up for her fellow effers. She’s honest, she’s there for you when you need her. But she’s also fun, and silly, and crazy, and arty, and creative, and I could go on and on but I won’t.

2. Why do I want to become an "effer"? I love you guys. I admire your friendships, your loyalty, your art. I think you guys effin’ rock, and it is an honor to even be asked.

3. Do I like pigs? Why? I love pigs. They’re cute. I have this painting of a pig jumping off a dock into a lake and I laugh at it everytime I see it. And then there’s that whole thing with bacon and pork BBQ. God I’m hungry.

4. Why do I scrapbook? I do it for several reasons. I love paper, and ribbon, and paint, and stamps. It is an art, and I love to create. I scrapbook to express myself. I do it for my family, to help preserve family memories in something other than a boring photo album. I do it for myself and for my family, not for anyone else.

5. Soup for me? My dad's chicken soup. It brings back memories of childhood, makes me feel all warm and loved, makes me realize how bad my chicken soup tastes.

Nisa said...

I too shall be making the rounds since all you ladies have this posted...yeah!
1. What does being an "effer" mean to me? being a rad, creative, wacky chick who knows she has several other effing awesome chicks who have her back and are there to keep her real or keep her laughing or keep her creating or make her wet herself...whatever the occassion calls for.

2. Why do I want to become an "effer"? Last night I was letting the puppy out and wishing that I had discovered all you wacky chicks earlier...during the formation of the effers...so that I too could have been one... and now look! a dream come true. I want to be an effer because you guys are hilarious, and creative, and real and loyal and just effing rad...
3. Do I like pigs? Yes and no. My immediate reaction is no, because the dreamy boy I had a crush on all through High School dated a girl who collected pig figurines =lame. but then, I do enjoy me some bacon with my breakfast from time to time.
4. Why do I scrapbook? Cuz I love paper and I can only truly justify buying more if I actually do something with the paper I currently have...also to remember...to create, to make art, to make a mess, to see if I can actually combine certain papers and pull it off on one page. cuz I love it. cuz if I don't make art I go mad.
5. Soup is fun. What is my favorite and why? I used to love the campbells kind with the stars...cuz it's just magical... but now my favorite is tomato bisque from Whole Foods...cuz it's just effing delicious. and you're right. soup is fun. I might make a t-shirt that says that. (of course I would attribute the quote to you)

Julie said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you?
Not afraid to speak the truth. If no one happens to be listening, well, eff em'. Also gotta be real and free.

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? Because I'm an effer! Or, how about, because I said so! Naw seriously, you gals are too fun. I wanna play too. PS I have the word effin on my banner, does that win me points?

3. Do you like pigs? why? They taste good? :D I love that little pig in Charlottes web, I cry everytime he's left alone when Charlotte dies. That b!tch left him alone!

4. Why do you scrapbook? cause i like playing with paper and glue. :)

5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why?
my homeade broccoli cheese soup. it is DIIIIIIIIVINE.

Ashley said...

hi pie,
You know I'm there (Or here. It's all the same, anyway) I think I have that checklist covered.

1. I'd like to think that I'm always being me, regardless of whatever label one might try to slap on.

2. Because I'm an odd duck and no one else wants me.

3. I like pigs enough that I don't eat them ;)

4. Because I can't do anything else.

5. I love soup. It's one of my favourite things to eat. I really love my mom's homemade cream of mushroom soup. And my own vegetable soup is frigging outstanding, if I do say so myself. Hot and sour soup is one of our longtime faves.


V said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you?

Being an effer is all summed up as such:

E - Easygoing in EVERY sense of the word
F - Fun, loyal friends who can finish each others sentences, be thinking the SAME thing without ever speaking and can spot an effer from 100 miles away
F - FAN-TAB-U-LOUS in stlye whether it be words, clothes, scrap stlye and ALL OVER TASTE
E - emotional.....meaning knowing true friendship no matter what and knowing how to take care of it and what to do, when to do it and how to do it
R - ROWDY - nuff said

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? I think deep down MOST of us are effers in spirit and soul, we are just spread out all over the country....I had no idea this group of ladies thought alot like me and had balls! LOVE IT!!!

3. Do you like pigs? Why? Depends on the pig.....I hear their poopy is toxic!

4. Why do you scrapbook? I love to experiment and record everything in my life....I'm so afraid to show alot of what I do...I'm still looking for my style and along the way I am findind myself. I've been doing this for 5 years now and my style is all over the place. But mostly, it is therapy. I'm an at home mom now until I find "theeeee perfect job", I'm in therapy.....

5. Soup is fun. What is my favorite and why? I LOVE creamy tomatoe soup on a COLD winter day....and in the background hearing..."NO SOUP FOR YOU"

Jen said...

I forgot to say why I wanna be an effer.....

Eh, cause I've really got nothing better to do. JK!! Cause I love you guys, and you all rock my world with your fabuloso style and creativity. And I wanna be a part of the revolution baby!!

missy s said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you? fun loving and loyal, going out of your way to make someones day.

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? ready for a change. ready for life long new friends..ready to step out and have some fun for once in my life...ready

3. Do you like pigs? photos yes, at the zoo and barn no Why? they just smell too much for me

4. Why do you scrapbook? love doing it. have done it way before the kids. love the time by myself to create and get things done. also i love the shopping too!

5. favorite soup...blogged about this one..it is campbell's select italian wedding soup.

Klala said...

Can I just answer that I love GUMBO!!!!??????

Cause I love gumbo! Andullie sausage rocks my socks.

genevieve said...

My first post on your rockin blog...I'm too curious about everyone's 5th question to stay away!
1. What does being an "effer" mean to you?
Befriending like-minded individuals...I don't think I've ever met women so honest and genuine. Amazing that it's so rare...or maybe it's not...it's just gone take the EFFER movement to bring the TRUTH out of all.

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"?
I love the EFFERTON terms and conditions. Nuff said.

3. Do you like pigs? Why?
You know, I gave pigs a chance, but they don't like me unless I have food in my hand for them. In fact they were down-right snobs the last time we visited them on the farm and I just don't know if I have time for animals who just want to use me.

4. Why do you scrapbook?
I scrapbook because it makes me a better wife, mama, person. It makes me happier than I was before I started. I get to show off my art and make friends. I fuckin love it. Werd.**eta that new goodies make my heart flutter.

5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why?
You are going to make me pick ONE soup. I cannot flippin believe it. You are nasty and mean. I think I will rebel. I love Lobster Bisque because it's so effin yummy and it's a treat. I also love vichycoisse (sp?) because it's super duper scrumptious comfort food and I can make it all by myself.

Peace out sweet thang.

Missy said...

I'm putting my soup vote in for Potato Cheddar and Max & Erma's tortilla soup! yum yum yum :)

Megan said...

So I figure I'm supposed to comment on all the effer blogs since you all have one question different.

You girls totally rock! I've loved reading the effer blogs for the past month or so. Seriously a breath of fresh air!

Keep up the effing good work! You gals seem like the funnest bunch of people.

1. An effer is someone who doesn't care what others think. Someone who scraps for the pure joy of creating. Someone who loves to laugh, to live, to love, and to have fun.

2. And can I just say I've been saying eff for a super long time. The first time I saw you write effing I actually pointed it out to my husband and he laughed cause I say it all the time. I want to be an effer because you guys are just funny and fresh and in my opinion rock the scrapbooking world!

3. Pigs are pink so I like them just for that fact. And, Bacon....yummm....

4. I love to record all the memories of this one life I get the chance to live. I don't spend all my time worrying about what will happen to my books when I die. I don't spend my time trying to get published and stressing out over it. I scrapbook for the pure joy of creating something for myself.

5. Baked potato. All the yummy goodness of a baked potato in liquid form. What's not to like!

Rock on, you effers!

and my email...megan_thurman@sbcglobal.net

tRicia said...

la madeline french onion: best soup EVA. And, of course chicken and stars.

KerryLynne said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you?
it means that i can cuss without ACTUALLY cussin'...:)

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"?
cuz i heard the shirts are REALLY cute...could mine be PINK...?

3. Do you like pigs? why?
heck YES, i do...cuz they are pretty........and nice...and smart...AND funny.

4. Why do you scrapbook?
cuz i really suck at football...and cuz i've got some pretty KILLER stories to tell.

5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why?
KI memories alphabet soup.......duh.

Kristy said...

Okay, okay...so I'm gonna reply to the effin call. I've admired all of the effers' scrapbook work for awhile now, and since the latest hatin on the effers saying effin thread on 2peas MB, I've def been stalking all your blogs. So, here's my go at this:

1. Being an effer means not giving an EFF about what people think bout you, as long as YOU know who YOU are, and that shows to those who know you best.

2. To be an effer...well, I done BEEN an effer in other circles, but YOU effers are just so fab, that anyone that has qualities #1-#9 of an Effer would want to be acquainted with ya!

3. Pigs, huh? I'm a pig-liker: (a)I love the snorty, wheezy, whiny noises they make, (b) although I'm city, they make me think about my dreams of retiring to the country, and (c) bacon. Nuff said.

4. I scrapbook...
...cuz I love the pretty colors all of the supplies come in.
...cuz it feeds the office supply store fetish I've had since I was seven.
...cuz I take too many pictures to just sit in regular photo albums.
...cuz too many funny and crazy and memorable things happen to NOT have a hard copy of the evidence.
...cuz I want my kids to see (age appropriate) that their mama was a cool chick in her day.

5. Hecks yeah soup is fun! My boyfriend is a soup maker for Heinz (no, they don't just make ketchup) and he's SOUPaflyTNT. My fav is wedding soup, and boyfriend's own homemade is DEE-licious.

Alrighty, peeps...just a little FYI into the me of now. Back to Blog-Stalking! Thanks for the opportunity!


Caroline said...

I feel like posting this to everyone. hah.

1. Being cool, fun, hilarous, real. And creative.
2. Because I want to be the coolest of the cool!
3. Sure. Pigs are cute. haha.
4. To be creative and to be able to preserve my memories in a nice, artsy way.
5. French onion. Chicken Tortilla(only from some places though). Chicken noode(only some kinds).hah

Diana in WV said...

Late on the Effer bandwagon...hey, give me a break, been busy! :)

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you? Being yourself, not afraid to just be you, creative, fun, free-spirited, upbeat and be able to just let your creative side out!

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? Because I want to be my true self, like in answer 1, not what others "expect" me to be because I happen to be a 31 year old single mom...I'm still the fun, laid back, laugh so loud it makes people jump ME, just with a new title is all!

3. Do you like pigs? why? Pigs, yo? lol......why not! :)

4. Why do you scrapbook? I scrapbook for me and for my son, so he can know at one point, he had a cool mom, haha, to be creative, to express my feelings in my pages, to share my feelings with whoever will look at the pages, especially my son.

5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why? French onion....only had it once, but its my fave, why? the saltiness, the bread on top with the melted cheese....was the first soup I ever SAVORED....yummylicious!

You gals rock! You make me wanna dig deeper into my creative....ness...lmao! Later DUDE!

amberskolnick said...

ok, so i've wasted time on becoming an effer, but that doesn't mean i don't really want to. so here's my answers the questions.
1. being an effer means that i get to be part of a group of open-minded women who i can relate with.
2. i want to become an effer to be part of something thats bigger than me, a part of a network that makes me feel good.
3. i'm pretty neutral on pigs. i have to say i think their curly tails are pretty cute.
4. i scrapbook to let the creative side of me out. it makes me think, it makes me remember and it makes me happy. i also like that i have a finished product when it's all said and done.
5. Soup IS fun. LOL! soup is comfort food to me. today i had creamy tomato basil and it was fabulous. Soup is also better when you don't have to make it yourself.

i hope i didn't miss the deadline to become an effer, you effer. long live the effers! ;)

Angela said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you? Coolness because of niceness not exclusivity and snottiness. Creativity without apology :)

2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? because I love the love...

3. Do you like pigs? Why? hmmm... I like to eat pig... AND I really love the look on the pigs face that is being carried in a commercialy on TLC for "Dirty Jobs" or something like that.

4. Why do you scrapbook? Because I skipped kindergarten and was lacking an outlet for my creativity for 20+ years. I have found my mojo and it is scrapbooking.

5. How many pairs of jeans do you own? OMG, really? Less than I have pairs of shoes, but many more than I have dresses... 37? But thats an educated guess, Could be 30, could be 50... its a sickness really.

melissa said...

1. To me, to be an effer you must be fun,crazy, creative, unbiased and full of passion for art and friendship.

2. To be a part of a great group of ladies, who are so freakin cool, honest, and friendly. I admire all of your work and am honored to be a part of it.

3. pigs..the little pink ones are so cute, why must they insist on getting so dirty??

4. I scrapbook to capture moments that might other wise be lost. I also LOVE ribbon, pretty designs on paper, and flowers..so it gives me an excuse to use them. :)

5. hum..i think ive got to go with my grandmas chicken noodle soup. no matter if im sick or well that soup makes me feel all better and warm inside.

michele said...

I've watched you enviously from afar. And now I come knocking, pleasantly, to beg for your friendship! LOL

1. I'm such a paradox anyway, why the hell not? This would be just one more layer ... the one that really lets me be Me.

2. considering my son's first swear word, uttered when he was three, education courtesy of his mom, was "Motherf*%$#^," I think I'm qualified. wink.

3. Yes I like pigs. They are the only animal (other than man) that has sex for pleasure.

4. Initially, because I couldn't find baby books with family trees that had lots of forks for the steps, halfs, and formers. Now? Because I'm addicted to shopping and hubby will kill me if I don't have something to show for it. Besides, it gets my head out on paper so it won't explode.

5. I'm slurping some homemade chicken and noodles as I type! See!! I was meant to be an effer!! (Oh, and soup can do no wrong no matter what form it takes, in my opinion.)


Amber said...

Here i go round the Effers blogs postin away right? I'm Amber (Scrapinsparkles on 2peas) and i wanna be an Effer!!!
1. What does being an "effer" mean to you? Havin' FUN!! Bein yourself no matter what, origionality and creativity.
2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? Cuz you all love me and must adore me...no really you all seem fun and sweet and I'd love to be a part of a creative group of girls yep!
3. Do you like pigs? why? OK now Ima end up dreamin about pigs thanks A LOT! Yes pigs are bacon and bacon is yummy (although I have tried the veggie bacon and it's quite good too) and they roll around in dirt and mud and don't give a booty what people think...or other pigs.
4. Why do you scrapbook?
5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why? Clam chowder, the white kind (haha i always get them mixed up, I think it is new england lol) Oh and alphabet soup ever since i spelled out the word bitch in my spoon without even trying!!

JenErin said...

Why am I an effer? Well, I’m not really one yet. I was just on holidays and discovered this amazingness so I couldn’t get started yet. But now I’m home and I can be a giant effer. I need to be an effer because I need to start thinking for myself. No more of this copying LO’s out of magazines. I need to use my own brain. I know there is some good stuff in there, I just need to get at it.

Why do I want to be an effer? As I said above, I need to start thinking for myself. New trends? Who cares. I can make my own friggin trends.

Pigs are pretty dope. I must say though, that I do prefer the pot belly variation. They are just that much fatter and that much cuter. I once knew a guy who had one as a pet. Perhaps one day, I will too, own a pot belly pig.

Why do I scrapbook? Because what good are pictures if they are just going to sit in a box for the rest of my life?

Soup is amazing! Being a starving student I eat soup almost every day. If you get the store brand kind its only 78 cents a can! And I think it tastes better than fancy shmancy Cambells anyway. My favorite kind is vegetable alphabet. But it needs a tonne of crackers, like, half a sleeve of saltines in it so it becomes a cracker soup. I prefer this kind because unlike mushroom soup or tomato soup you don’t need milk. Milk is mad expensive.

jinx007 said...

1. What does being an "effer" mean to you? Being a crazy chic with no boundaries...living,laughing, and loving. A Bunch of Artistic Effer's!
2. Why do you want to become an "effer"? Because the above describes ME! And my husband saw the "effer" and said "That SOOO Sounds like something you would make up!" (Coming from the same guy who can't say "Circle Journal" without giggling like a school girl and calling it a "Circle Jerk!" What an Effin' Comedian.
3. Do you like pigs? Only the really really cute ones that are soooo darn cute you can look past the mud and stench. why? Cause they make funny noises. LOL.
4. Why do you scrapbook? I started cause I was bored, LOL. But I continued because it is therapeutic! I scrap because I love having a creative outlet, Love paper paper paper, and love inky fingers!
5. Soup is fun. What is your favorite and why? My fave soup has got to be KI Memories...LOL...ok ok I'll go past scrapbooking for one whole second....(hold back the flying pigs!) I love potato soup the best!

Soooo does this mean I get to be the Effer I've always felt I was? :D :D

MommyDesiree said...

1. It means being candidly you. No frills, no BS, just kick ass girls who arn't afraid to think their own thoughts, and laugh at themselves because they know thier weird...and they wouldn't have it any other way.
2. First i think the word rock! I am a mother, so why not enjoy being a mother effer? Also I find you all so inspiring. It's really hard to find a group of people so silly, creative, laid-back, and cool. I've been in a slump latly and seeing the honesty in your work has really woke me up.
3. I happen to like pigs. Their pink, (total plus) they have those cool squiggly tails and they taste delish.... mmmmmm honey ham..yum.
4. I scrapbook because my kid is effin' funny! And my memory sucks. I wanna be able to tell him exactly what he said the first time he found his little friend..wink, wink....god he'll hate me at 15.
5. I love me some Tomato soup. I know it's simple, not to flashy but I think thats why I love it. It doen't need messed with. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and I'm feeling the comfort food love.

MommyDesiree said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Marillyn said...

effer to me means a creative bunch of interesting women.

Why do I want to be an effer because I have seen the ideas you have come up with in your scrapbooking and I love them.

Cartoony pigs are cute.

I am new to scrapbooking but I am loving it. I love how it gives me peace and allows me to be creative and artistic. I love having something beautiful to do with my pictures.

Soup...I like Zuppa soup from Olive Garden it's yummy :)

Enlargement said...

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effer said...

elow der... weather u lyk it or mot im EFFER coz dats my name... u know ur ryt... being effer is fun,loyal,creative,open-minded, etc... becoz dats me.. dats my attitude... wel tnx to my father he named me EFFER... nice tobe here... gbu!

effer said...

im always be "EFFER"...eodimaliwat