I love diversity.

I love learning about people. Different people. People that are not exactly like me. People that have experienced things in thir life that I probably will never get to myself. People that believe different things. People that have different views on life, love, religion, and politics. I love a good debate. I love to LISTEN. I love to take in the knowledge that my friends have. I love asking questions...YA'LL know this to be true.

Through this crazy thing called scrapbooking, and blogging, and peapraise is where I have met my kindred spirits. Women that love me...women that listen to me...but what they probably don't realize is how BLESSED i feel to know them. and to listen to THEM. and to take in all that they know and all that THEY feel passionate about.

When i think of my internet friends...this is what comes to mind (and you will know who you are)

I have one that curses like a sailor, loves beer, but loves God too.
I have one that is an "in-active" Mormon.
I have one that is a vegetarian Buddist that is trying to teach me the art of meditation.
I have one that asks and answers the craziest questions known to mankind and that i think i was separated at birth from...
I have one that has been through DIFFICULT trials with conceiving children. Something alot of us take for granted.
I have one that says I am her scrapidol...when in turn she had NO CLUE she was mine.
I have one that is amazingly spiritual, inspiring, teaching me all about the Mormon religion, kindhearted, yet sometimes SMUG, highly creative, and wants a house full of children...and that would be KeRRy*LyNNe...and here she is.
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15 people took the time to say:

V said...

Ashley, that is amazing! I am so jealous you have so much "closeness" with all of your friends, who ever they may be. You are blessed girl. Totally blessed.

Jen said...

Fun, beautiful layout m'dear. And I can't wait to get to know you better so you can write a post about me, lol. Isn't this internet stuff a fabulous thing???

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Love your layout. Great colours, gorgeous photo and that title rocks!

Ashley said...

hi pie,

You already know I love this layout!
I love diversity. I love tolerance. I appreciate acceptance.

your odd duck,

island girl said...

OMG..ASH...every week you create my new fave ASH layout!! This is awesome girl...and I love, love, love your handwriting. You seriously need to turn it into a font and sell it on the internet. But give it to me for free cuz I came up with the idea!! LOL!!

Beautiful layout girly!!

Julie said...

you did it, you got me crying.

i love the love you have for your friends, and in the last few months of blogging, i've come to care about some certain people just the same, never knowing i could care about online friends so much, and yet, i do.

everyone is unique, and better yet, UNDERSTANDING of each others differences. the effers are one classy group of peeps.

LOVE that layout, of course! I am honored to call you a friend.

Missy said...

you know how I feel.
my little chickadee...
but can I be the one that should have been a damned DJ?

I kid!
you know I love all my little blog-pea-effer girlies. :)

KerryLynne said...

awww, shucks...you are too stinkin' good to me...:)
SMUG, huh...well, yeah...and...?
you are all of the things that i wish i could be...that's why you are my best friend...you are the BEST...and i'm just the FRIEND...!

missy s said...

very cool!

tara said...

so cool. love the way you think. you are so real.i could learn alot from you....so which friend am i? or am i not on the list yet?!!!! LOL!

Amber said...

we were seperated...i have no doubt. your lo kicks some mega ass chick. xoxox to you and all your awesome-ness.

Meghan said...

Do you know what? I am so amazed by every damn word you write I swear. I cannot understand why you don't write for a career. Seriously Ash. You have this way with words and I really think you need to start writing poems and stories or a novel. Something. You made me smile with this post. You made me feel all fuzzy I love you.

Klala said...

Wait, which one is the scrap idol??? I figured out all the others. You are so cool, and I am so honored to have such an amazing, intelligent woman as my friend. I love you.

genevieve said...

Amazing that this technology and medium can bring people together in this way - as you say, different religions, colours, beliefs, styles...different ends of the earth. It's nice to know that these bonds we make are REAL and genuine and honest. Your post is a beauty. Thanks girl for sharing.

Colleen said...

what a great layout! i just bought some of that polka dot paper this weekend! i really love this. i feel the same way about the net...i really have met some wonderful people and who knew that would happen from a blog or email or a message board? life is just funny that way i guess!