Today I did nothing at work.
Except read blogs.
Praised some layouts.
Got into an effing controversial thread.
Drank 2 cups of coffee with equal and fat free amaretto creamer.
Shed tears of laughter while on the phone with Kristina
IM'd KeRRy, Missy, K La La, Ashley
Realized who is faithful...and who sticks up for what they believe in.
Read the news. (Jude cheated and colin has a sex tape ..sorry no link to where you can buy it)
talked to sean via a telephonic transaction...
jude called to say he cleaned his room, and needed a star for his chart.
talked to my mom.
Wrote in my journal.
Requested a package from the University of Phoenix.
Looked up a cell phone number for my boss.
Listened to Green Day, the Chili Peppers, and the Garden State soundtrack
and typed this blog entry...
and boy am i exhausted....

Highlights from my phonecall with K that i never want to forget.

Wishing death upon adulterous celebrities
Well i fed Annabelle yesterday...
Lusting after Vince Vaughn
Carpal Tunnel

7 people took the time to say:

island girl said...

Saw your post on 2peas...and Kristi's and Megs...you ladies are awesome for speaking your mind and not making excuses for it...some people just can't take a compliment I guess!!!

Missy said...

ok. now I'm jealous. what's all this phone-talkin' going on? huh? I need answers :P

Jen said...

Your day sounds like it was about as productive as mine, lol. Isn't it a wonderful thing to get paid for doing nada???

Klala said...

Well let me just laugh my ass over these little tid bits... thanks for making me snort again!!

They make fat free Ammaretto creamer?? I've only seen French Vanilla fat free. Now I'm jealous.
Rock on w/ the U of Phoenix request. Meggers will be so stoked.

You forgot about Anabelle being tied up in the closet!! And my pecking fingers are worsening the Carpal syndrome!! Owie!

Meghan said...

Random tidbits from your conversations are seriously priceless...Love you mucho. Love this post. Love you.

nichole said...

hey chick!! i am SOOOO glad u posted on my blog-awesome seein ya stop by & u totally made my day with your comment! thanks for bein' real & sooo freakin' hilarious! i love it!! sounds like u *did* have a busy day yesterday...i'd be exhausted too & sorry about the drama at 2p's. UGH. *lol*

Levi said...

I'm am all about that man Colin! mmm yeah! I'm not liking the long hair however.