I wish...

that my job was closer to McDonalds so that I had some fries when I get back to work.

Damn those things.

Yes, tomorrow's entry will be about Tae-Bo and how guilty I feel.

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island girl said...

Ash, please do not forget the milk shake..must have a milk shake with those fries!

Jen said...

I am so feeling your pain sistah....Today I had a torpedo and garlic bread for luch. I tell myself I will just not eat dinner, but I know I will. And Tae-Bo is the coolest, I lost about 30 pounds a year ago (it's all back now) doing it.

Try not to feel too guilty, if we don't indulge ourselves every once in a while we'll go crazy.

Colleen said...


my theory is that they put a drug in mcdonald's fries similar to nicotine. that way you are addicted from childhood! i've been known to go to burger king for a burger and then drive to mcdonald's for the fries.

"supersize me" be damned!!

Meghan said...

I am laughing right now b/c yesterday I went to Mcdonalds on my break and got ONE SMALL CHOCOLATE SHAKE and I felt so damn fat by the time I got back to work that I threw it away...The whole time I was thinking "DAMN THIS PLACE!!!"


Klala said...

Do not give in to the temptation. Operation Toothpick Ashley is already underway! Don't make all that trimspa go to waste. I should take my own effing advice!