Miss Dymock


Great Listener.

Totally uplifting.


In Love.

Always Busy.


Used to have birds nest wallpaper in her kitchen.


Amazing Chompers.

Run-on sentences with !!!!!!!!

Cyber drinking buddy

An amazing friend.

Introducing....Miss Meghan Heath Dymock
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9 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

Saw this on 2Peas this am, LOVE IT!! Way to rock that ribbon!! And yep, she looks exactly like Jennie Garth there!!

Julie said...

wow! This is one great layout!

Missy said...

tee hee! I LOVE it. loved it this morning- it's even better - bigger on your blog!

here's to the effers :)
an amazing group of women, I am blessed to know and love.

Chris-el-da said...

ashley - too sweet! this LO rocks ass! curious, do you keep these for yourself, or send them to the girls? i look at your lo of kristi daily just for giggles!

Klala said...

Dude, this is phat!!! And I am so down w/ being the online drinking buddy too. Alcoholic Effers unite!

Amber said...

haha I will be the DD i guess..lol

love this page buttercup, love miss meg. love how she uses way too many !!!!

you are awesome Mandarin9. your gallery and YOU rock my freakin world.

love you to bits and pieces.

Ashley said...

Gorgeous!!! Love all the ribbon, that orange trim(!!!), the little {d} card tucked in place. So perfectly Ashley.


Meghan said...

OMG. I am having a teary little chilly attack. You are the most amazing girl. I swear I was high on happiness and giggles when we got off the phone the other night and this is so beautiful and I love you and this layout and this wonderful entry you made about me...Me, uplifting??! OMG you are so good to me! Oh and by the way...It was BIRDHOUSES>> LMFAO!!!
I love you ADub!

Colleen said...

oooo...i love it! all the ribbon!! and meg, girl...you is a hottie