Guess who's a Pea?

So all you chicks that think that YOU have the best, coolest, funnest husband...Well think again.

Ole Sean boy has become a pea. Yes siree Bob. I'm not kidding. Monday night he says " I wanna scrap"...and I was like "Let's do it then..."

So its Me, Sean, and Jude all at the kitchen table just a scrappin' away. Stuff Everywhere.

It was so wierd. I mean talking to him in a language that only a fellow scrapper would understand. Saying words like cluster, goodies, Heidi Swapp, and dab it. I mean imgaine it...me and my husband sitting there just scrapping away.

And he rocked his page!!! He exactoed a flower from patterned paper! He used three different colored inks...he did a rubon...he used photo corners...he picked his own colors...his own picture...and he rocked it! I am so proud of him. What a treat...me, sean john silver, and jude all sitting there doing something that is so near and dear to my heart.

And not only did he scrap...he wanted to become a pea so he could post it. He thought about Pea-rental Guidance but opted against...again so cute that he was thinking what pea name should i be?

And jude inspired my latest layout... Grammy

That was definitely fun. Babe if you are reading this...I had a blast...and I still want to be the first husband and wife team to hit the scene!
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Leave him some praise ladies...he deserves it.
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10 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

Sean, I think you need to teach RG a few things. Seriously... :o)
you are awesome dude. you just scored some major hottie points w/ your wife, like you needed more anyways. Sheesh.
and if you become a garden dude...i would stalk you.

Missy said...

too cute. Nice work Sean!
Jon is my scrapping "consultant" he works through ideas with me... but I've never had him actually scrap!
woo hoo!
nice one :)

Meghan said...

Sean, I agree with Amber. Except you need to teach Tyson a few things! Seriously. I am so happy that Sean is scrapping with you Ash...I love it. And it is a fab layout! JEALOUS!

tia said...

ash, that is so freakin awesome!! i had to leave him some "sweet" praise about his "skills"....ROFL! seriously, that is so freakin rad to scrap together! um, i wouldn't even let my dh touch my tombow :O he'd probably try to glue his cheeks together for a laugh....LOL!!!

KerryLynne said...

yup...your guy is totally perfect...go ahead, rub it in...:) AND he exactos...! WHATEVER...!

Amber said...

are you having a wine headache today my love? LMAO. WAKE UP.

Klala said...

He's hot AND he scraps??? damn.
This is off the chain. He's pretty damn talented. I'm extremely jealous that he is into the scrapping. I'm gonna use this as ammo to convince J.

You are a lucky lady.

Chris-el-da said...

omg! soooo adorable! i'm having creative jealousy right now! great LO!!!

suburban mom said...

Wow - that's amazing.

Jill said...

that is sooooo cool!! Great job Sean!! Rockin :) Go ash for not even having to BEG him to scrap w/ya! :)