Effer Dare #5

Like i said...this one was HARD for me..but I promise you...PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE if you do it, it will be so liberating, so theraputic...dig deep (if you have to) and if you are a woman that exudes sexiness and confidence...DON'T BE ASHAMED...SCRAP IT...you and (me) will be glad you did...hugs and kisses...a

Amber (Amber Nichole)
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Missy (MissyNews)
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Ashley (Mandarin9)Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Meghan (Meghan H)
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Kristi (Labelwhore)
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9 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

I love them all. I love this dare. I think it is so positive and fresh and real. And so are you guys, and that is why I heart you all.

marygrace said...

For real, your eyes. Amazing.

Precious Pea said...

ok...I created a digital layout for this challenge. Thank your for the inspiration.


Sarah said...

I think I'm gonna have a panic attack. And that's definately NOT sexy! I know I need to do it, but not sure if I can!!!! Graaaahhhh!

glo-girl said...

Wow! Thanks for the dare, and I will do it...if it kills me!! You guys are so unbelievably cool, each one of you!! Loved the LOs...

Raina_Marie said...

you're soo dang honest and in a world full of catty women, it saddens me that you're soo far away that realistically I'll never meet you. i need a girl like you in my life. we could work on all our inner issues together.
and whenever you're feeling down, just remember...........loser catty cow girls don't get sweeties like you hubby. I'm telling you, there are only a few like him, and if you got him.....there is something special inside you.

genevieve said...

You are SO awesome. Really. Such inspiration. Amazing person. Gorgeous eyes. But more important than anything in the world, a gorgeous spirit.

Jamie said...

I just love your eyes in your photos! Your page also looks so great! :)

aNgi b said...

dude, the dares are amazing. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your color scheme and your journaling. and i agree with grace too - eyes: amazing

miss U