YEESH, no power and a baby on the way

Not my baby.
I never realized just how much we need and depend on electricity.
But I do now.
Last night at around 5 o'clock...I see Sean wheeling the grill from the outside patio to the carport...like fast....like he was on a mission.
Then I heard the lightening, the thunder...and it was BAD.
So we had our grilled porkchops, red chunk tatoes (shout out to Gabby), and fresh corn surrounded by candles.
It makes you think how much time is spent doing your own thing.
I mean I like to think of my family as CLOSE. we are tight nit. But when those candles are burning, and there is no internet, no spongebob, no playstation, no light to scrapbook, no light to clean up incessantly like i do, it shows you how much time you do spend doing other things.
It was fun for awhile.
Then it got HOT.
And sean wouldn't quit making "back in the olden days" comments.
He had to use the bathroom, so he took a candle with him...and i hear him cussing.
He's like "I spilled wax everywhere."
Then it was "I bet kids were constantly getting in trouble for that back in the olden days. Margaret!! George!! Who spilled the wax?!"
Then it was "Damn, what did people do? I guess they went to sleep. Its no wonder they were up at the crack of dawn. Get up kids! You are burning daylight!...So THATS where the phrase burning daylight came from"...
enough sean. enough.
Bing was clueless..he was RUNNING as fast as his chunky legs could carry him toward whoever had the candle or the flashlight.
So then Sean says..."Let's play a game. Let's use our imaginations."
So then Jude the comedian says "Well let's pretend the lights are on"...What a smart ass..and its all our faults i realize this.
So it was all fun and games and laughing about STUPID stuff until Sean called and realized that we wouldn't get lights until 9 AM...
so then it we started packing a bag to go to his mom's.
I packed Sean's jeans instead of mine.
Jude was packing monster trucks and DVDs instead of jammies and clothes.
Bing was still clueless.
I didn't mind leaving...
Sean's momma has the biggest TV you've ever seen in your life.
Tried to finish Sin City for the 3rd time (you fool, you damn fool...YEESH)
A gazillion dollar flat iron - that i might have to "borrow"
The best collection of perfumes EVER. ( i chose Kenneth Cole today)
Coconut Lime shower gel.
A Mississippi mud pie that i took a few "nibbles" out of.
I laughed at her because she has THREE scales. THREE.
She said I'm hoping one will be nice.
Jude and Bing were little sticky tree frogs last night.
All up on my jock dude.
I'm like I'm ON A COUCH for the love of God...GO!!
So then they were woke up at 4 flipping AM eating ding dongs and watching KimPossible.
They don't have jobs. Why should they have any concept of time.
So sean woke up...then we laughed at Disney cartoons. Because we were
So that was my weekend how was yours?
Oh yeah...and a very DEAR friend of mine is in the hospital contracting as I type...so hopefully little Zoe or little Cooper will be here soon.
I'm done.

8 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

oh man.. no power.. I don't envy you on that one.
At least it's on now!

gazillion dollar flat iron? is it a Chi? I got me one of those and never use it... since the conman came along, hair straightening is a thing I reserve for special occasions.

Coconut Lime Verbena? from body shop? I have that body spray in my desk here at work... might have to spritz a little right now.... ahhhhh that feels better.

3 scales? one will be nice? love it! I might have to try that.

Love your long weekend story... love you :)

gabby said...

hurray red chunk tatoes! and sean being a funny funny man..... that stream of conciousness talking about wax? so me....

and, btw, jude had the right idea-- monster trucks and DVDs are WAY more important than jammies... especially when one is up at 4 am eating ding dongs...

LOVE this post-- so glad you listened to gabby's daily random bit of advice.... ;)

Sarah said...

"Well, we could pretend the lights are on!"
What a funny, clever kid!

tara said...

sounds soooooooo hilarious....can picture it exactly as described!!!! LOL!!!!!!
had a good/busy weekend myself...my bro and fam. were here....did a photo shoot for relatives...nothing too exciting...t

Meghan said...

I love how you write. You are so damn funny. Why are you not a writer for your career? Seriously. This is hysterical. Loved reading every single bit of it.

Klala said...

If I had no power....shudder.

I am glad you had fun as a family and laughed at eachother...and poor bing running around not understanding what's happening. Just being Bing. In the dark. I love it.

And as much as I know you want to use the flat iron....try not to. I have so many broken hairs from those things. short, broken evil hairs.

I am mildly jealous of your crazy weekend. And Sean's back in the day jokes. They are funny.

Amber said...

you have no idea how hard you had me laughing...i can just picture the wren household...
i see sean making funny comments...
you getting frustrated...
bing's chunky legs flying to and fro and him screaming at the top of his lungs....
and then of course there is jude, just being the cool little dude that his mama has made him making smart ass comments....
i love your family.
i wish this was on tape.
this could be a hit tv show...
THE WREN'S....hee hee

Chris-el-da said...

love this post! i pissed my pants ... almost! i'm in the library at the college just crackin' myself up. some people just understand the humor of an effer!

i work for the electric company and i got a call from a man in colorado today that had no power. i check my outage communication and he'll be back on at 1030am. i relay the msg and he says "last time it went out you told me that and it was on EXACTLY when you said" which makes me think that you are just sitting there pushing a button just to leave us without power!" i assured him i don't have any kind of conspiracy against him nor the rest of the Denver Metro and that the reason i know when it will be back on is because my crew update that it was a fuge issue and it takes them a set amount of time to replace it. (i'm sure you really care to hear this story) but sheesh, sir, we're not trying to screw you over on purpose!