Today is a GOOD day because...

1. my friend had her baby...Cooper Russell Williams (7 lbs 10 oz 20" long)- pictures soon

2. Today was weigh-in day...lost 4 pounds this week. Thats 22 total.

3. Got an EXCITING email today.

4. My outfit is slamming today.

5. Face is still clear...after a devastating 2 day break-out my 25 dollar porcelain skin has returned

6. I think i will be recieving mail love from my sweetpea Gabby

7. Had a GOOD uplifting talk with Sean. He makes me feel beautiful...he needed a pep talk. I think he's gonna be GREAT now.

8. IM with gabby all morning

9. After 4 attempts I finally finished Sin City.

10. Im cold..my hands are numb.

I'm outtie

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Missy said...

Congrats to your buddy!!! I love the name Cooper. My friends Gretchen and Chris are naming their baby Cooper (it's gretchen's maiden name) SO COOL!

Yeah For 22 lbs!!! soon you will be a sliver of your old self.

You're beautiful! clear skin and all.

I just got back from the P.O. Mail love is on the way... something you've been wanting from me :)

but that would be v. v. baaaad.

Love you!
Loved this post :)

gab said...

we IM for how long and i hear nothing of a slamming outfit?!!? egads.... ;) tee hee-- just kidding... this is my fave day of the week: IM with ash day....

love you, your clear skin, your dedication to taking care of yourself, your fab post, AND the fact that you IM with me all the livelong day.... :) and you'd better have your mail love when you get home or i'll be sad....

Jessica F said...

I love the name Cooper! Thats too cute. Glad for your friend and her family.

Umm exciting e-mail?! Are you just teasing us????


genevieve said...

happy hump day! glad you're having a good one :)

Ashley said...

:) Hurray for your weight loss! way to go, Ms. Pie! So happy to hear about your exciting email and all your happy news. You always make me smile :)


April said...

losing weight, a rockin outfit & clear skin...those are like a girl's dreams! you DID have a good day...glad to hear it! :)

Meghan said...

22 lbs! You are so awesome. I want my own office.

Kelly said...

22!!! Trimspa Baby!!! Go Ashley, go Ashley, it's your birthday, get busy!

glo-girl said...
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Colleen said...

yay on the 22lbs. you go girl!!!!

and yay for mail love. gotta love mail love

girl, you were beautiful already...inside and out!

Klala said...

I already told you...stop giving me your pounds. I DO NOT WANT THEM! Sheesh.

Jill said...

congrats on ur 22 lbs!! go girl!!