Crash and Burn

I love getting emails from my husband with pictures of whats going on at my house.
This was today's.
Sean sent me this in an email titled CRASH and BURN.
Bing falls asleep in the oddest places.
I've never seen a child do that.
Its the sweetest thing.

Yesterday Jude and I decorated his little tree for his birthday.
Complete with Number 5's, and stars, and cupacakes...(no not real ones)
I bet that lady who STOLE it from me for her nephew wishes her tree was as cute as Jude's.
Sunday is Jude's party or as Jude would say TWO SLEEPS...Chuck E Cheese...An hour and half car ride away.
With two of his closest friends.
He picked the party favors.
We are making cupcakes together too.
And when we get home Sunday night from chuck e cheese, and he walks in and finds THIS filled up with presents he is going to urinate all over himself.
I am so proud of myself for putting this on layway.
And making his little dream come true.
He gets insanely excited even about the commerical.
So Daddy and Me will definitely make his year.
Can't wait.
I have a nasty, disgusting, ugly, mean cold sore on the corner of my mouth...Sean hasn't kissed me in three days. I miss his kisses. I don't blame him though.

Have a rockin weekend my sweet friends....

13 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

dude...bing is killing me.
he looks like he wrecked the scooter and just couldn't get up! LOL soo freakin cute!
i'm so proud of you for making jude's dream come true. he is going to love this. after seeing weeman's face after getting his gator...i know what you are about to feel and it is soooo fun to see them flip out.
i wish our boys could race their little powered vehicles. i bet wee would win....hee hee hee....

Jen said...

BIng is too cute, and have I ever mentioned that I love that you call him that?? Great name.

I always wanted one of those power car things, even when I was too big for it. That kid is gonna freak, I would love to see the look on his face when he sees it.

I HATE cold sores, I get 1 or 2 a year, and usually have to go to the Dr. they get so bad, last time they put me on Valtrex, which is for (down there) herpes. But it worked, and quickly.
Have a great weekend, and a wonderful day at Chuck E. Cheese...play some skeeball for me.

Laney said...

LOL...love that pic!! Wish Jude a happy b-day from me. He is gonna go crazy over that truck! How cool!!

gabbyfek said...

i want PICTURES of that tree.
i do, i do, i do.... in all it's birthday glory. jude is going to be the happiest on sunday... his face. priceless...
cannot wait for THOSE pictures either...

and bing-- he kills me... love that kid. never met him, but i love him... LOTS. just like his mama...

erika said...

i want to see some kicking pics of mister jude's expression on saturday!!!! YAY for surprises!
and that picture of Bing..
cute as a button.
as far as the cold sore..
you poor thing..
i'm sending you blistex ;)

Missy said...

ok first. I love that pic. I WISH con would just PASS OUT.

Second. you said your son would URINATE on himself. It's a darn good thing I wasn't drinking anything.. or it would have FLOWN out of my nose.

Have fun this weekend... and enjoy the MADNESS that is BIRTHDAYS!

Maria said...

Oh man, I can I just say that cold sores are THE WORST thing EVER!!!??!!!! I used to get them every few months - I got one so bad that it actually left a scar on my lip. How horrible is that?! Anyhoo, that is one hot little car - he's going to flip right out when he sees it!!! You're one cool Mama ;-)

Hanni said...

Aw! What a cutie pie just fast asleep there!

Colleen said...

cupcakes on a tree...aw sukie. that's my kinda bday tree.

have a great weekend...

oh, and you totally have to scrap that pic. can't wait to see what you do with it

vivian said...

haha that Bing Boy of yours is so funny!! made me crack up here! wish Jude a happy HAPPY birthday! Enjoy - all of you.

Meghan said...

Ok I can't get over Bing passing out just like that. AND I cannot cannot cannot believe you bought Jude that car! I bet he freaked!

Chris-el-da said...

omg! i'm so in the library laughing my ass off and people are looking at me like "wtf?" so i had to call the women around me over, including the librarian guarding the reference section of our highly appreciated chemistry handbooks. and they say, "what happened?" and i say... *HE* happened! oh ash! love your crazy family. love you girlie!

Chris-el-da said...

for the mouth blister take some acidophilus and L-lysine. it will zap it pronto. the minute i feel one rearing it's ugly head i pop the cheap pills (you can get them in the vitamin section of the pharm) and if i don't catch it in time... campho-phenique. i know that sounds nutty... but it'll be gone immediately. and eat some yogurt. ugh. i'm such a flippin' nerd....