Please post and tell me your native name...

Native Names:

This only takes a minute. Take that rez name and have a ceremony.... Follow the instructions to
find your new name.


Please post and tell me your native name...

The third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

--a = Badoda
--b = Rowena
--c = Honey
--d = Sonny
--e = Pro-peesha
--f= Guadalupe
--g = Margareet
--h = Ju-Ju
--i = Chim-chim
--j = Tanka
--k = Vandalia
--l = Kurtie
--m = Bumqueesha
--n = Zoochie
--o = Chompy
--p = Alowish
--q = Slim
--r = Lupita
--s = Faleesha
--t = Fondalia
--u = Mogadeesha
--v = Laqueefa
--w = Shawnie
--x = Rhoda
--y = Chi-Chi
--z = Lachica

Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of
your new last name:

--a = Ten
--b = Spotted
--c = Windy
--d = Walking
--e = Fancy
--f = Dancing
--g = Running
--h = Stink
--i = Crazy
--j = Loose
--k = Purple
--l = Wandering
--m = Staggering
--n = Choppy
--o = Whispering
--p = White
--q = Jealous
--r = Sad
--s = Knocking
--t = Arogant
--u = Pickled
--v = Quivering
--w = Misunderstood
--x = Stinky
--y = Ronchy
--z = Weeping

Use the fourth letter of your last name to determine the second half of
your new last name:

--a = Eagle Plume
--b = Shawl Dancer
--c = Weasel Tail
--d = Husky Bear
--e = Eagle Staff
--f = Porqupine Quill
--g = Horse Tail
--h = Crusted Beak
--i = Cheezy Lips
--j = Weasel Bear
--k = Laughing Circle
--l = Pumpkin Seed
--m = Tail Feather
--n = Turtle Dove
--o = Bushy Face Woman
--p = Dancing Praire Dog
--q = Quivering Ghost Bear
--r = Spotted Horn
--s = Turtle Horse
--t = Peach
--u = Turtle Horn
--v = Peach Feather
--w = Cat Dog
--x = With a Fist
--y = With a Stick
--z = Spotted Dove

29 people took the time to say:

Anonymous said...

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Colleen said...

i'm honey ten weasel-tail. tee hee

Shannon said...

Bwahahaahaa, I'm Badoda Ten-Peach! Too funny!

gabbyfek said...

Rowena Fancy Eagle Staff?!?!
does that sound wrong to anyone other than me!??!?!?
i don't think i want to be a fancy eagle staff.....

Erica said...

Please say hello to Chim Chim Fancy Turtle Dove :)

(and don't forget to check out that killer psychic reading site! :p)

Anna said...


i am the proud owner of the name:
zoochie fancy spotted dove!

loooove it!

you are too cute, this is too funny!

anna b

sarah said...

How flippin funny!

I'm "Lupita Pickled Pumpkin-Seed"

ha ha!

Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! :)

April said...

my name sucks...can i trade it in?

Lupita Dancing Shawl Dancer

it doesn't flow. i want a refund!

hee hee...


Jen said...

Zoochie Whispering-Laughing Circle!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!

erika said...

miss ash....
how funny is this?!
how i love and miss you dearheart..
xx Chim-chim Crazy Pumpkin Seed...
sister to that wacky Rowena...
i hear she's got a fancy eagle staff...or is that mikey?

Laney said...

Hello my name is.....Kurtie Pickled Pumpkin Seed. Too funny!

amberskolnick said...

Meet Rowena Purple Pumpkin Seed!
LOL!! you are such a cutie!!

Tammy said...

Well now...say hello to..(are you ready)...

Bumqueesha Windy Pumpkin Seed

Too stinkin' funny...Thanks Ash... I really needed that today.

glo-girl said...

Mindless fun...that's what I am all about! LOL


Chompy Fancy Spotted Horn

sweethc said...

I am Honey Sad With a Fist...that is truly who I am!

jocelynne said...

I'm Honey Sad Husky Bear.

Sarah said...

Lupita Fancy Bushy Face Woman

If I'm bushy face woman, at least I'm FANCY bushy face woman!

Kelly said...

Hmmmm . . . I am Kurtie Ten Peach Feather. Now sure if I really like that one.

Chris-el-da said...

lupita fancy eagle staff here... omg, i would love to be called lupita on a daily basis!!! even lupita fancy... in fact, that's what i think i shall change my 2ps name to! lmao!

gabbyfek said...

happy happy birthday, sean wren!!;)

LindsayT said...

Im Zoochie Stink Tail feather

Strong Enough said...

I am:

Badoda Ten Bushy Face Woman

Not very attractive! LOL

Jen Veit said...

I'm Zoochie Fancy Peach, how cool is that?

christina cole said...

too funny... i guess i'm Lupita Whispering Eagle Staff... :)

Nisa said...

I am Faleesha Crazy Turtle Dove...weee!

vivian said...

Mine: Laqueefa Whispering Husky Bear - sign a letter with that! wow...

island girl said...

LMAO...that has got to be the cutest dam picture i have ever seen...and girl..that monster truck effin rocks!!

Minda said...

Zoochie Stink Pumpkin Seed. Hmmm, that would get people's attention.

paula said...

LOL...I'm Mogadeesha Crazy Pumpkin Seed...too funny