Happy Birthday *e*

go go go shorty...its ya birthday.
we gon' party like its your birthday.
we gon' sip pineabu like its your birthday..
and we don't give a **** cuz its yo birthday!

Words can't really express how much I care for you and your sister...and how I think you are the funniest and wittiest chick. Your way with words, your scrapping skillz, and your rockstar children are just some of the reasons i love you so.

We will meet very soon, be it Vegas...or in Cary...or wherever. And this is what will happen...

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Pineabu will have to come AFTER the scrapping cuz I don't scrap too well inebriated.
Anyways...happy birthday *e*..i think the world of you.


PS- you really DO have the best "sisser"...she did an outstanding job on your surprise. she really really did. She was just as happy as you were this morning when all those layouts started coming up.

4 people took the time to say:

gabbyfek said...

dude. i LOVE this post... because i love you... and my sweet sweet sisser... we ARE going to have all of these things. and so much fun... cuz you are just the GREATEST... so are cuppycakes. and nachos. and scrapping. and e. and how much i LOVE you...

Hanni said...

Yay for e!
and yay for gabbylectric!
and yay for ash!!!
happy day today!!

erika said...

I do have the best sister, this is very very true...
I also have the best ashley in the world ;)
What a sweet post....how much do I LOVE this post?!?!? w/ the big ol'cuppycake just for me :)
you say the absolute sweetest things, and I'm just eating them up over here.....thank you angel girl....
We are so having cupcakes, nachos, pineabus (AFTER the scrapola is done!), cookies, and movies....and it's going to be the most wonderful time....I can't wait.
(hopefully it's going to be SOON...)
I love you.

Erica said...

mmmmmmm, cupcake, *drool*