My Little Secret

If cliche posts about Fall, Pumpkins, and warm sweaters make you ill...then you should stop reading.
Seriously...I love this weather. I do. I love my brown pea-coat from the thrift store in England. I love this ROCKING new Pumpkin Spice Creamer. I love when Jude wears all of his cool little court-jester hats. I love when Bing has on little sweaters. I love this whole as my girl Erica put it "cluster of holidays"...I love the pumpkins on the door step, and ghost and frankenstein stuff...the orange and black...the candycorn...those crappily made peanut butter chews in the cheap orange and black wrappers. I love it all. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Ok...One more love. I love wearing completely outlandish socks...because noone knows about them but me... (and now you...but i know you won't tell a soul)

17 people took the time to say:

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

I love the fall too, but I have a hard time getting into Halloween, not sure why. Maybe I'll be more festive when I have kiddoes. Now Thanksgiving, that's another story, I LOVE Thanksgiving.

Brown pea coat from thrift store?? AAGGGHH!! I wanna see, I love pea-coats, biut even more I love bargains.

And you're secret is safe with me. :)

Hanni said...

I promise I won't tell anybody about your socks.
'cept miyagi. ;)

gabbyfek said...

outlandish socks.
make me smile.
so do you... every single day....
loves you, kindred spirit,

erika said...

Love the socks girl....heehee....
you are funny.
we share a love of fall.
not of southern summers where you walk outside and sweat runs down your back.
love you angel girl...thanks for the fall post..loooove it...xe

April said...

fall is such a great time...

and i am sooo sweatin your socks. i love them. funky socks rock.

they rock my socks off.

ok i didnt just say that...going back to work in the cube now...LOL


Mara said...

mmm, fun and funky socks are the best!!

i love when i am dressed up for work in the winter and i pull up my pant leg, revealing the top of my dress boot, and peaking out are polka dot knee socks :) makes me smile.

happy fall! :)

Amber said...

oh no!
you made the socks public!!!
i love fall too babe.
esp. the cheap ass candy :o)
now, if i can only figure out how to make my kid a freakin bat!

Christy said...

Oh me too! I lub fall too but it's kinda hard to feel festive when it's 80 degrees out - YUCK! Nope, not your typical 'San Diegan' here... I LOVE the rain and I CRAVE seasons... so why am I living here again, lol!

Oh, and I love your outlandish socks chickie! So cute and fun just like you! :)

aka maddiesmama

Sarah said...

Hooray for Candy Season! uh, I mean the Holidays!

Love the socks!

island girl said...

Ok...I want those socks!

Nisa said...

hooray fun socks!
Fall is the best.
I heart sweaters and punkin pie forever!
you and your outlandish socks rock!

sweethc said...

Love your socks, Ash! And I happen to really love this time of year. Nothing like having a reason to wear sweats all the time.

Diana in WV said...

Hey, I have some halloween socks, lol. I love this time of year too. I get into Halloween, as well...but mostly because its my birthday, so ya know, a girl gotta give props to her day, ya know? lol....

Maria said...

Okay, I gotta get me some pumpkin spice creamer!!!!!!! Where do you get it?? Hope they have it in Canada! Love those socks!! I am so 100% in love with crazy stripey socks!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Okay, I gotta get me some pumpkin spice creamer!!!!!!! Where do you get it?? Hope they have it in Canada! Love those socks!! I am so 100% in love with crazy stripey socks!!!!!!!!!

Erica said...

oooooooh, your socks are so SASSY!
do you have candy cane stripes for Christmas??