Happy Birthday Sean!!

He makes me laugh.
He makes me cry.
He loves me without conditions.
He is the father to my amazingly beautiful and sweet boys.
He is the best griller.
He loves and appreciates beer.
He stays up late with me and laughs at SNL and infomercials.
He can always make me "un-mad" in a matter of seconds.
He is a stay at home dad.
He loves snuggling with Bing.
He loves putting legos together with Jude.
He saves ALL the boxes that merchandise comes in.
He is very neat, and organized and hates when i squeeze the toothpaste out from the middle.
He is the best kisser EVER.
He always leaves the shower curtain open when he's done.
He finds glasses in random places and wears them.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
I love you more than you could ever even know.

12 people took the time to say:

April said...

oooh happy birthday ashley's hubby (aka sean)!

love your post...so stinkin sweet.


gabbyfek said...

awwwwwwwwwwww. happy happy happy birthday, sean!! like i said in your card, i feel like i should make you a tag or something-- cuz you are a pea... ;)

i hope you are having a great day, and great beer, and a great time with ashley, and a great cake (although cuppycakes are better ;))-- you know we all love you for how much you love ash-- and how much she loves you.... so happiest of days to you!

vivian said...

happy birthday to your man!

Mara said...

honestly, that was the sweetest blog i have ever read!! you're too cute.

oh and p.s. LOVE all of the glasses.

happy birthday to your Sean.

Maria said...

What a sweet tribute to your hubby!!!!! WOW! Awesome! :-) That would make one heck of a layout ;-) Happy Birthday SEAN!!!!!!!!

Hanni said...

happy birthday to Mr. Mandarin9!!! :) :) :)

maddiesmama said...

Hey girlie! Took me long enough to make my way over to your blog, eh?! LOL! That's me - SLOOOOOOOOOWWW!!! Love your post... so sweet! Tell that DH of yours *Happy Birthday!*


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Wren...I think you must be (from all I've read) one of the best husbands EVAH!!

erika said...

happy (belated) birthday Sean...
it's been a very birthday place at the Wrens, huh?!?!
I love this post much miss ash...
I love your love...such sweetness...xxe

Angi b said...

hey sean! happy belated boythday,dude from a so cal gal... btw, here's a useless fact for you... did you know your name is a rule breaker? yup, my 8YO son (who is also named Sean) taught me that the name Sean is a rule breaker because it should really be pronounced " s e e n " like bean...he he

Diana in WV said...

Happy birthday to your honey!

Diana in WV said...

Oh, and what a great list of your man! He sounds like a definite keeper, you lucky gal you!