Official Inconvenience

I'm sick.
I get the kids well, nurse them back to health, get them pumped full of medicine, (sean is anti anti-biotic <---thats sounds funny..anti-anti) anyway...so they are on the road to recovery.
me on the other hand not so much.
can't taste.
sore throat.
i'm sheepy.
kleenix's everywhere.
red nose.
now - i know this is going to sound so freaking weird, and crazy, and dumb, and just plain FOOLISH.
i like being sick.
i like that drowsy feel.
that get under the big ole down comforter and snuggle up and get roasty toasty feel.
have a book in bed with you.
wear sock slippers.
drink hot tea with sugar and honey.
have a movie in..
Constantly dozing off, and waking up, and dozing off.
the losing weight part isn't bad either.
also, the getting babied thing.
the wait on you hand and foot thing.
but hey guess what!
its the real world.
i have not ONE, but TWO children.
they will not allow the sleeping.
they will not allow the snuggley wuggley roasty toasty head under the covers thing.
they will not allow peace, nor the quiet.
i have a job.
a job that MADE me come into today or Thursday and Friday wouldn't be paid vacation.
sean has a job.
a job that starts at 3pm.
so when i get done here at the "cubicle" (as april would say)
i go to the mommy job.
Mom lets play candyland.
Mom I want some vanilla milk.
Mom I want to watch Spongebob.
then there's the gym classes.
then there is cooking dinner, so the kids can avoid being malnourished.
ther there is bathtime, so the kids aren't all smelly.
So this being sick thing...its no longer fun.
but an official inconvenience
*sniff* *sniff*

10 people took the time to say:

gabbyfek said...

poor ash
being sick is sucky....
get well SOON....

Hanni said...

wahhh!!! poor miss ash!
here's sending some kid-free snuggly under the covers time and hot tea and chicken soup for you!!!
i know what you mean though...it's not so bad being sick if you don't have to deal with the whole real world thing. :)

Lu said...

Awww. Feel better soon.

Christy said...

Awww, so sorry to hear you're not feeling well sweetie. It's no fun being sick when you got kiddos that need to be tended to. It just makes everything that much harder.

Hope you get better soon!


viv said...

hope you feel better soon!

erika said...

sorry you're sick angel girl...
i hate being sick...
i hope sean, jude and bing and giving you some extra loving and you feel better soon...

Chris-el-da said...

awwwwwww i loved being sick too. but now i hate it. cause i still have to get up and be a damn grown up!!!

island girl said...

ewwww...it must be an effer bug...you, amby and missy...cross your fingers that meg and kla will survive!

Ashley said...

Well, you might be sick but you are still cute and adorable. :)


April said...

feel better soon, girl!