Friday I will be unemployed

I need a nice, new, fresh Dayrunner.
I think that would solve all my problems right now.
I love lists.
I love making them.
and lining through an accomplishment.
If i had a new dayrunner,
i could write my list out...
I mean who wants to have a big ole list,
with NOTHING crossed out?
Not me.
If i had a dayrunner (a NEW one - the old one no longer motivates me)
I might even do a few things.
For example:

Send Christmas Cards
Make Chocolate Chip Gingerbread cookies w/Jude
Buy Quantam Leap Boxset for Sean's Stepfather
Wrap Presents
Mail a sympathy card to an old friend.
Make TWO birthday tags
Make a wedding album for a special friend.
Brush my teeth...Just kidding.
Organize the hall closet.
Put pictures IN the frames.
Write a LIST for the grocery store
Buy Sean's mom a Christmas present..but WHAT?
Get a Job. (Nope not kidding on this one..Tomorrow's my last day at this place)
Put laundry away.
Do the laundry before I put it away.
Take my prenatal vitamins.
Ask for a dayrunner for Christmas.

i have the best INTENTIONS of anyone i know.
If you could see inside my thoughts you would see a Christmas banner on my blog, you would see me mailing out 30+ christmas cards, you would see me wrapping my presents, and sipping hot chocolate, and baking all kinds of wonderful cookies and desserts to mail off...
but alas...i have done none of it.

i need a damn dayrunner.

My three year job has come to an end due to our company being bought out by another company.
Dont cry for me Argentina.
Its a blessing.
but if i don't get a job within the next couple of weeks.
Its Farewell Viva Las Vegas.

24 people took the time to say:

Klala said...

Cheer up girl, cause I'm right there w/ you! Nothing is wrapped, I haven't purchsed presents for anyone except Jonathan, and I have a lovely pile of Chrstmas cards just taunting me.

I hope you're doing alright, and take those damn prenatal vitamins!

Klala said...

And what the eff happened at your job???

Angel With an Attitude said...

if you're unemployed you'll have a lot more time to do those things!! i don't even bother making lists anymore...they only discourage me because i'm not getting things done...i end up doing things that arent' even on the list!

island girl said...

oh girl...lists are a beautiful thing..I create them just to ignore them...but you do have sweet intentions!

I'm with K - take the prenatals and seriously...what happened with the job?!

Jamie said...

Hee hee! I have one and I NEVER use it. Ever. I always forget it! :)

What happened to the job? :(

Missy said...

look at the job ending as a new beginning :)
and christmas cards? peeps who know you will understand... the rest? SCREW EM :)

I'm thinking about you!

tara said...

aw man. dang someone buy her a dayrunner!!! LOL!!!! cheer up sweet thing! and good luck with the job search. my dh still hasn't found a job or i would buy you the day planner myself!!!!!!

Caroline said...

list are fun!
good luck with the job hunting!!!

April said...

good luck with the job hunt girl...the good thing is that come jan 1, companies hire like crazy. its the 4th quarter that sucks.

hope everything goes well!


Anonymous said...

Here you go!

gabbyfek said...

i KNOW you'll find something in the job hunt....
and as for the cards....
everyone knows you love them.
no worries.

Strong Enough said...

I totally understand about the good intentions. I right there with you! You are not alone. Happy Holidays!

island girl said...

Ahhh...Ash...I'm rootin for you girl..believe me I understand...TJ's job hunting as we speak!!

Mara said...

Dayrunner. Check. - I told Santa, it's on it's way :)

Good luck on job front. You'll find something as the new year comes around, no prob!!

Amber said...

DUDE. We are spooning. I don't care if I have to fly your ass to VIVA las vegas. We've talked it up way too much now....if we didn't actually get to do it, can you imagine the let down?!?! SHEESH. Baby O would be PISSED to no end.
(everything happens for a reason right?) :o) love you. xo

genevieve said...

need to shut UP
our room is bought and PAID for
LOVE you
i'll buy you a dayrunner :P

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Maria said...

I am SUCH a list person too!!! I get the biggest rush out of crossing things off my list! Yeah, I know I'm a nerd! ;-)

Levi said...

"brush my teeth" cracked me up.
You know that's the kind of stuff I write down in my planner every single day. It's usually never work related like "run monthly reports" or "submit my timesheet by 1pm" Then I get sick of reading what the hell I'm writing down (errands) that I quit using it for awhile. Actually, I just kinda of sit at work and pretend to be working really hard but really I'm not at all... just killing time organizing my life outside work. Work Sux

Chris-el-da said...

so i guess a dayrunner is like a planner??
congrats on the baby!
prenatals shmenatals.
i never took one
and i drank coke
and i ate chocolate
and listened to loud music
i don't believe all that hoopla
christmas cards, eh. who needs 'em?
cookies... those, those are a must! the baby needs them!

erika said...

did santa bring you a dayrunner?
email me....
i'm home all week...
schools out ;)

louisalaxander9271 said...

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Diana in WV said...

Have been out of the loop as far as blogs, so I decided to catch up and read yours today, congrats on baby, good luck on the job search, and I'm also a list-a-holic...hell, I make lists in my effen BLOG sometimes, haha. Hopefully this job end will turn into a great opportunity for you down the road! Good luck and keep your chin up, chica!

superduperone said...

Love the blog! This is my new favorite, you took over my previous favorite http://electricaltech.blogspot.com/