Sneaky Snake

I'm at my new job.
and i'm not supposed to be on the computer...
but i am.
because all the important people are in a meeting.
so im sneaking.
but i can't type long.
but i just wanted to say...
i will be back very soon.
poor blog.
poor thing.
nobody probably checks it now.
i miss all of you and your blogs.
and being somewhat involved in the interesting lives you all lead.
i want to catch up so very soon.
and i will.
during these meetings.
that im not important enough to be in.

ok gots to go.


23 people took the time to say:

Nisa said...

hehe...you sneaky sneakster...
I still read.
I've been checking.
hoping you'd be back soon.
with news.
or some word
of something.
glad to see you're alive and well!

Angel With an Attitude said...

oh i couldn't get away with being on the computer when i'm not supposed to...people tell me i type like a crazy madwoman...fast and loud...good thing most of my job is on the computer!!! glad to see you back!!!

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Sarah said...

YEAH! So glad you posted! I've been checking in everyday to see if you've posted...you are loved and missed in the blogosphere..and. well, outside of blogospere too I'm sure... :)

Lu said...

you are so sneaky. i hope the job goes well.

tRicia said...

love love love "important" meetings!!! LOL
Congrats on the new job!!!

erika said...

hey there sneaky ;)
glad your good...
and i've been keeping an eye on the old bloggage...no worries.
how about that LOST last night, eh??? xxe

angieoh! said...

I have still been checking! Missing you and your fun posts. Glad to see you back!

island girl said...

woo-hoo...Ash is back!! Hooray!! Missed ya babe!

tara said...

missed ya! how ya feeling? where are you working? lots to catch up on!!!!

sarah said...

yay, you're back!
I've been checking...
was getting worried about you!
glad you were able to sneak in a post!

Laura said...

You're Alive! Happy dance. :)

gabbyfek said...

welcome back, my dear.
and congrats, i saw tia's blog.

Jen said...

hehe..sneaky sneakerson.

And I saw Tia's bloggage too....AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

hi pie,

so glad you are at work, and sneaking into your blog. miss you too.


April said...

ive been checking...hee hee..
new publish..check!
new job..check!

things are lookin up!


Christy said...

YAY! So glad to see a post from my girlie, Ash! Been checkin' in just about every day... you've been greatly missed my dear! Congrats on the new job... and now I'm off to go read Tia's post to see what all the news is about!


marygrace said...


genevieve said...

congrats on the job babe.
and i forgive you for not saying goodnight

Levi said...

uh oh you seem to have a bunch of stalkers! I'd lock you doors from now on. LOL

Anna said...

so glad you snuck a peek to say hello, of course we all still check in with you! we can't wait to hear from you!


Hanni said...

and a big happy congrats too!

Amber said...

thank god.
i needed a new ashley post.
don't get your email blocked like i did....bastard IT wizards....grrrr. :o)

Diana in WV said...

I've checked a lot to see where ya were, how the job hunting had gone, obviously good since you said you were at your new job. Yay!