Lovefest Volume I

Mic Testing 1, 2, 3...
Ok hmm..today is going to be totally random, miscellaneous, sporadic (<---love that word) stuff. I accidentally typed STIFF instead of STUFF and totally laughed outloud. REAL MATURE ASHLEY... So *e* and Mrs. Contes was it you two that made me go and rent the first disc (Episodes 000-003) of LOST? The way you went on and on and on about the characters, and the fact that it was the GOD of TV shows. I appreciate you getting not just ME, but Seanny-Boy hooked too. I never watch TV, so its nice to be "hooked" on something I truly enjoy. Good stuff.

Oh wow...i can't believe I didn't type this FIRST...Guess who joined 2005 (just barely) and got a DIGITAL-FREAKIN-CAMERA? Yep..me. My husband and I are the absolute WORST secret keepers from each other. We are just going to BURST with excitement so we end up telling. Sean ending up giving me my camera after a WILD GOOSE CHASE...YES I SAID WILD GOOSE CHASE trying to follow the delivery guy. I had no idea...I wasn't supposed to get ANYTHING for Christmas...I just wanted an airplane ticket to Viva Las Vegas. So this was a total shock. I am so happy. and blessed. and lucky. and EXCITED. So that means pictures in my blog!! WOO-HOO. SAH-WEET. So I'm all set...Just in the last 6months I've gotten: a cell phone, an IPOD, and a digital camera...now we just need to trade in the horses for a Honda...and we will be good to go!!

I just want to give a few little shout-outs to some girls that mean SO much to me...their accomplishments, their talents recognized...that makes me SO happy. This is just Part I...the friends I have been blessed with will continue to get recoginized and noticed..so this will be an ongoing feature I assure you.

Lovefest Part I

Amber- Flipping through Scrapbook Answers and forgetting that you were in there, and Jude yelling "OH MY GOD MY YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH HER!!! ITS AMBER!!! MOM, MOM, MOM ITS AMBER!!! And for following your dreams and taking risks with the store. Following your dreams and heart is so admirable...such an inspiration.

K La La-I never thought you and Becky Higgins would Unite..but you did and you did so BEAUTIFULLY in December's CK. Congratulations Ladybug. And the restaraunt...wow...where to start. Again, like Amber...you and J took a dream and made it a reality. Your style and art skills, along with J's kitchen skills...so happy for you.

Meggers- My sweet little Fresh Face...I can't wait to see those sexy collarbones in CK next month. SO BLEEPING glad that layout will be in print. So, so, glad. Also...to see your stuff on the Scrapologie site every month...is going to make me so happy. You deserve this. Your uniqueness, your style, your messy approach deserves to be recognized.

Gabs - First flair, now Scrapologie...So excited for you. You have great things ahead of you in the future. Your amazing personality and zest for life..OH MY GOD DID I JUST SAY THAT??!!? anyway its true...your love for max, and all things bright and happy...you have SO VERY MUCH to bring to a company. So proud of you. Now you HAVE to scrap..HA HA HA.

Christy B. - To see your gorgeous little girl in CK this month made my day...I almost dropped vegetable soup on Maddies face I was so excited. This is totally just the beginning for you. You are bursting with talent. I also know that no matter just how "famous" you get...you will always be the nicest, sweetest, and kindest chick.

The Lovefest has officially ended.

Oh yeah...and did I tell you guys that I'm pregnant? Oh i didnt? Well I am...and i need LOTS and i mean LOTS of support and positivity right now. I must make a shirt that has arrows pointing to my belly that says "Baby Effer inside"...or if you come up with something more creative...let me hear it.

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Amber said...

holy shitcakes it is a novel.
but a good one.
first off- another lost fan? sheesh.
second- the digi gal is coming out of ya! lol so proud of my girl for gettin in w/ the times. don't get rid of the horses just yet. we can take em to vegas w/ us. that would be a good time.
your love is too sweet. lovefests all over this place. xoxoxo
congrats to all the other gals on all the accomplishments as well and ash.....you know. loving jude for noticing me...hee hee.
BABY EFFer!!! i am all about the shirt. i freakin love it. love love love. :o)
so excited the Wren family is growing. Even more reason to make your life a tv show. add another kid to tend...it's gonna be a freakin blast. and you know i am always here lady.

Ashley said...

:) You are going to be a great (fabulously amazing!) mama to three... another little Wren to love. :) It will all be good. :)

I can't believe that you are leaving me behind and heading off into the digital age. I always secretly loved that you are as un-digital as Paul and I... no cell, iPods, or digital cameras here. Enjoy your new camera!! :) Hope this means we'll get to see your cute boys (all three) on the blog, and more of you and that growing baby, too.


erika said...

you know how i feel about this baby blessing ;)

let me know how the digi world is...can't wait for wren photos!!!!

this was a good post my friend...
and can i just say,
as if i COULD love you more...
you picked LOST!
see...i do love you more ;)
it's so good! isn't it?!?!?
v-ron mars is good tooooo, don't get me wrong...but LOST rocks.

April said...

aw this is so cute....love your lovefest...and congrats on your little one! so exciting!


Shannon said...

Aww!!! Congrats Ashley!!!!

amberskolnick said...

Congrats girl!! I love how you just put the baby thing in as a side note. You are so good to give shout outs to all those amazing women. Even though it's kinda cute that you didn't have a digi camera until now, IT'S ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME!!

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

That was SO LONG YO!!! LMAO! Baby effer shirt is such a must not to mention YOU OUTTED ME but I can't believe FF is soo close! I CAN'T WAIT!! And Vegas? What happens in Vegas..Stays in Vegas!!!

jocelynneb@comcast.net said...

Your lovefest has me in tears! Not to sound like a dork, but they're the kind of friendships I long for. You guys are all so freakin lucky to have each other!

Congrats on the baby! You make some cuties, don't you? How far along are you? Do you wish for a boy or girl?

Kelly said...


Woohoo! So happy for you and your fam. Can't wait to see some cutie little baby layouts, Ashley :)

And... so glad you are hooked on LOST. I love it. That show scares the shit out of me like none other.

You are the sweetest to send all that love out to your friends. They are so talented and rockin' the mags.

Nisa said...

YEAH! I had lots of lil things to say but all flew out mah head when I saw the news of a lil bebe effer on the way!!!! Congrats!!!! weeee-hoooo! Must see a photo of the effer baby shirt! serious! That's one lucky babe to be joining your fam...I'm so excited for you!

sarah said...

Oh! A lil baby effer?! How awesome...babys are such a blessing. Congrats! And you totally need that shirt!

Loved your lovefest...made me teary eyed too...I miss having girly friends! :(

Woo hoo on the digi camera! I still don't have one yet!

Emily Kate said...


moon said...

I usually only stalk your blog because you can always make me lol...but today, I couldn't resist...a baby?! I'm sooooo happy for you and Sean and your sons! only positive vibes heading your way.


ps.loved your lovefest

tRicia said...

Congratulations to you and your family!!!

Angel With an Attitude said...

congrats on baby effer!!!

island girl said...

OMG! OMG! A baby effer on the way!! hooray!!!

so much love and joy in your life...so, so, so happy to hear it all...you so deserve it sweetie!!

Erica said...

oh please, oh please, oh please...I am SO on that shirt - can I PLEEEEEEASE do it??

N said...

You can catch up on Lost now because there won't be a new episode until jan!!

genevieve said...

holy flipperola.
i made it into your blog.
for some reason it hates me, but not this fine fine sunday morn.
love the lil bugger in your belly already.
any time honey...any time.
listen - where the hell is your xmas journal???

Hanni said...

oooh, congrats!!! :)

tara said...

that is so awesome ashley! congrats to YOU!!! i am sooooo excited for your family! you are such an awesome mama!!! you are so blessed! we have been trying for baby #3 for 3 years or more...can't wait to see some baby pages.....maybe a girl???? LOL!!! lil baby effer......too funny....you go girl! i still dont' have an ipod! tara

gabbyfek said...

congratulations, dear girl......
so exciting.
so very very very exciting.......
wonderful news, i say....
and thanks for the love.
you are WAY too much....

Jessica F said...

Wow there freakshow- you just threw in "i'm pregnant" and the end all casually?!?!?! WOWZA! FUN WOWZA! HAPPY HAPPY WOWZAS TO YOU!!! :)

I'm so happy for you and all that love to your friends makes me smile. You are such a sweetheart and you are going to take over this scrapping world. xo

Caroline said...


Jennifer said...

OMG where have I been, how did I miss this...Congratulations!!! So happy for you and your family :)

BR@NDY said...

CONGRATS ON THE LITTLE EFFER! Have a great time in VEGAS!!!!!!!!