It Sean's obsession, or passion should I say.

For his 26th birthday from a friend he got a basket of cooking goodies complete with a blank journal for all of his recipes.

For Christmas he got a silver spice rack (you know the fancy one that turns), a skillet, and some new utensils.

*note to self...get sean an apron

Its an art to him.

He doesn't just toss some meat on the grill and check on it every now in then.

Its a process. A procedure. A EVENT.

I must admit...when we go somewhere for a family thing, they always want him to grill. I get annoyed, cuz everyone is inside talking, and he is outside grilling. But he loves it. And he enjoys it. So I remember that.

The process

First off, he consults his cookbook. Its this really thick, nice cookbook I got him last year for Father's Day. A Weber Grill one. He always tries something new. He even has little page markers of things he wants to try.

Second - after he ensures that he has all the required ingredients he preps the food. Lots of Love goes into this meat. LOTS of LOVE. He has a passion for spices, seasonings, herbs, and marinades in the way I do for rubons. He has the spice pantry in a way that suits him. The only time I ever even need to go up there is for the cooking spray or the sprinkles at which time I ask him to get them down for me.
*Note: You must always have a towel over your shoulder.

Thirdly - MUST have beer. Preferably a nice, ice cold Amber Bock. This is a must. The grill is unable to be turned on if there is no beer in the house. They just go hand in hand.

Fourth - He lovingly lays the meat of choice on the grill and consults the temperature and fire like a madman. Don't even get him started about what kinds of meats need to go in the center, and when to turn them, and DON'T PRESS YOUR HAMBURGER MEAT WITH A SPATULA!! IT CAUSES ALL THE JUICES TO BE EXTRACTED, THUS MAKING YOUR BURGER DRY. He never leaves the meat's side. Even if American Idol or Deal or No Deal is on. You must remain loyal to the meat.

Fifth- After I have prepared the side dishes which normally consists of salt and peppering asparagus or chopping up some red potatoes and drizzling them with olive oil and baking them (not alot work or loving goes into that is point)...we enjoy.

The dude can cook. He has mad grill skillz. I just reminded myself of that lady on the Sonic commercials. MAD FLAVA.

Anyway..summer is coming, and although I will be waddling around like a freaking penquin with my protruding pregnant belly...the grill will be fired up, the slip and slide will be going, and all will be well at the wren nest.

PS- If you have some kick-ass recipes or marinades for the grill send them to me for sean and his journal (hee hee)!!


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*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

You totally have to make a layout about this! With all the steps! Word for word! It's a classic!

Christy said...

Yes, I second Jocelynne... this is totally scrapworthy! I LOVE the part, "you must remain loyal to the meat". LOL! That's classic!

Christy said...

*Just* realized I totally copied Jocelynne with the 'classic' part... I only read her first sentence, hee-hee!

erika said...

peeps are quick to post comments ;)
umm...can i say that this post just made me love you and sean even MORE?!?!?!? grill...beer...hello?!?!
that's soo MY husband...
your posts make me smile....
big time.
i'm sending some recipes your way...asap.

Amber said...

rg likes to give his meat lots of love too...but likes it even more when i do it. :o)
i love how you have a ton of shit laying in your yard. lol. looks like the clark/garrett household as well.
can't wait to come and try sean's meat....LOL ok...i'm done i promise.

Jen said...

Yay!! Brad LOVES to grill too, and it is also a MAJOR process for him. Takes him about 3 hours to grill anything, but i think it's only so he has an excuse to sit outside and drink beer whilst feeling manly because he's handling raw meat.

Ashley said...

:) Love this!


gabbyfek said...

so perfect.
and jen is cracking me up, too....
e's right-- sean, colin, and mikey.... aw yeah. beer and meat. good times.

island girl said...

you have to try Dale's marinade..there's nothing like it...it makes steak melt in your mouth!! i fyou don't have it where you live, email me...i'll send you some!!