{insert evil laugh}
Sean WILL kill me if he sees this.
I never let Jude watch Teletubbies.
I put it in one time, and it was long a stronger force
would not let him move from in front of the TV.
And the freaky laughing sun baby...
Just weird.
Love me some skee-ball.
I suck at it.
But I love it.
What I love (not really) about Chuck E. Cheese,
is that you give your kid like an overflowing cup full of tokens...let them run rampid through the place...they go from game to game to game to game...getting tickets like CAH-RAZY. So many tickets that you can hardly keep up with them.
I mean we are talking like hundreds. Some still connected...some just two or three stuck together...then its FINALLY time to go. Tokens are gone...kids are tired.
Then here it comes.
Time to cash in the tickets, and get a receipt...
Then you spend like thirty minutes helping
your kid decide between the spider ring and the pizza tattoo.
Are they serious???! I just cashed in like what seemed like 998 tickets.
O bing.
You and your golden locks.
Its a straight up mullet at this point.
The back is growing WAY faster than the front.
I must do something about that.
{Says the woman that needs some roots covered up in the WORST way}

My little silvertooth. Oh how i love you so... and oh how you love Chuck E. Cheese. It makes me so happy...to see you so happy. The way you are in Chuck E. Cheese, is the way I am with scrap stores. I get it little dude. I get it.

<------------------------------------ DAMN!!!
Is that hotdog good?
It better be.
For that and a coke the size of salt shaker was 6 bucks!
That is a genuine bite folks.
Not staged at all.

8 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

holy crap.
teletubbies: FREAKY.
Chuck E. Freaking CHEESE: love it.
skee-ball: RG rocks it...me not so much.
Mullet: gotta go.
Hot dog bite: classic.
Love you and your nutty family.
now move to freakin troy....

Christy said...

I never let Maddie watch Teletubbies either. Those things are just down right creepy! HATE them.. EWWW!

Michelle W. said...


I saw a lot of teletubbies before. My daughter loves it. LOL. What we do for our kids. That's why I demand mother's day should be 12x out of a year.

Jen said...

Those boys are so flippin cute.
will have to remmeber to keep impending child away from teletubbies.
and email me.....isn't it almost decision day??

sarah.b said...

I just laughed my ass off, you crack me up chica, you have the best sense of humor. I LOOOOVE me some Chuck E Cheese, I take my little cousins there when they do something good in scholl, or don't pee their pants for a whole week, fun stuff! I couls play skee ball, seriously ALL day long, love it!

Sarah said...

Wow are those children getting huge.
Chuck E. Cheese is my personal hell. Or at least the place where I will have my first seizure.

And Teletubbies are the seed of Chuck E.

Anonymous said...

oh how i love to peek at your life

KerryLynne said...

teletubbies...mullets...6 dollar kiddie meals.........
you are SO livin' the good life...:o)