In 12 hours...

I'm going to meet her.
I'm excited, nervous, scared, anxious and elated.
I'm vulnerable. She's coming into my territory...I feel like nothing's clean enough, or new enough, or perfect enough.
I mean is she REALLY gonna go through Jude's closet or underwear drawer?
Its been a LOOOONG time coming.
Hundreds of emails, and phonecalls.
Its time.
I can't imagine loving her anymore than I already do,
but I'm sure I will.
I treasure our friendship.
She is going to be taking some MAJOR photographs of the Wren's nest.
So in 12 short hours I will see her.
And hug her.
Must explain the cheese that is anxiously awaiting her arrival with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, flowers, and new coffee mug.
One evening, I called her and we were just casually talking and the conversation goes as follows:

Ashley: So what ya cooking for dinner?
Amber: I don't know I just ate.
Ashley: Oh really...what did you eat?
Amber: A piece of cheese.

Dude...this has FOREVER been burned into my brain. Its hilarious. I know its cuz Amber weighs like 99.9 pounds, and I am the chubby girl...but come on!!!! A PIECE OF CHEESE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So...I bought her a block. This should last her the WHOLE damn weekend.


14 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

in my defense, I ate more than a piece of cheese that evening.
i like me some cheese.
what can i say?
and cinni toast crunch? i'm all about that at about midnight. damn skippy.
the countdown is almost complete...
you better write BUTTERCUPPERS on your damn belly. i might not know who you are.... :o)
xo me

sarah.b said...

you know i think you are hilarious, but that is funny, i totally agree, A PIECE OF CHEESE?however i can simpathize, i too love me a big ole hunk a cheese now and again.

KerryLynne said...

oh my HECK...!
i am SOO excited, too...!
...........and jealous...:o)

erika said...

you two are going to have a blast..
the house is perfect...
now sit back and relax..

Jamie said...

Bwahahaha! That's soooo awesome. You know what kills me? Last night for dinner I had red and yellow peppers dipped in ranch dip. And I'm stiiiiiill the chubbster. Damnit. :)

I hope you girls have seriously the best time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

sarah said...

SO freakin' excited for you two! :)

And I gotta know . . . did you make that mug?! It is beyond cute!

Tammy said...

LOL...have a great weekend gals...you both deserve it!

Caroline said...

whoo hoo!!!! :P
have an amazing time!!!

island girl said...

lmao...that is freakin' hilarious!! so if i want to lose 10lbs i should go on the cheese and cinni toast crunch diet!! ehhhehe!! you guys are gonna have so much fun!

Michelle W. said...

ROFL. you are not going to force feed her are ya? She's tiny alright! (and tall!)

it's awesome you guys get to meet and do weird stuff! Yay! lol.

viv said...

cherish every moment together!
enjoy girl! :o)

shannon said...

So did she eat all the cheese in one day or make it last all weekend? :)
YAY for you two for meeting in real life. That is SO cool!

Anonymous said...

did you all have a rockin' fun time?
Well... I hope you did!


Sarah said...

seriously excited for you both.
you are gonna have such fun good times!!!